Reasons To Start Exercising In The Decade Starting 2010.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, Jan 6, 2010  
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Most of us have a feeling that we have no time to exercise and going on a diet and taking multi-vitamins could help us enjoy a good and healthy life. In addition some just think they have no need to exercise because they lead a hectic daily life and are not overweight to need exercise. However, dear friends there are various reasons why you should exercise and build up good mental and physical health in the decade starting 2010.  


Senior citizens question the need of exercise saying there is no need to exercise as they are on the sunset of their lives. Also some of them who have not exercised at all feel lazy and lethargic to start this new habit. However, I wish to respect your feelings, but wish to tell you all that you could lead a better quality of life by doing exercises daily. Yes, you are right. Exercise helps to tone ones muscles and make one a fitter person with strong heart and lungs.


Some of the busy computer professionals may just say that they work 16 hours a day respecting inter-country times and are too tired and have no time to do exercises afterwards. However I would like to mention that doing exercises is very important for one’s health and fitness and scheduling some time for exercise is sure to not only promote physical and mental health but also to build up cardiovascular fitness, endurance and strength to improve your efficiency and productivity. Hence allotting of time for your own physical and mental health is just a question of effective time management.



Are you old and already suffering from the aches and stiffness and just feel you cannot do any exercise? Well, dear senior citizens I am sure you would like to improve the flexibility of your joints and be fit and strong. Exercise could help you do this and make you feel strong and independent without depending on your family for help. However it is not necessary one does strenuous aerobic exercise to improve ones aerobic strength. Even light exercises like walking and yoga would do to maintain one’s weight, fight stress and get over hypertension.



Starting doing of strength exercises could help one to improve the metabolism of the body, strengthen the bones and tone the body. However it is wrong to assume that strength training makes women have a masculine look because the hormone testosterone is low in women so is the growth of muscles. Also it is wrong to assume that stopping to do exercises turns muscles into fat. However it is better to continue exercising because ones muscles become rigid again as before you started exercising.       


So dear friends do start exercising in the start of a new decade from 2010 and enjoy the various health benefits.


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