Learn To Value Personal Differences For Personal Growth.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, Jan 6, 2010  
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I was just thinking over the uniqueness of the world today in that each one is made so different yet have to interact to build positive relationships in life. Yes, we all have to look at our differences positively to advance in life. This mainly due to a number of choices, temperaments and ambitions of people in life. Most of us tend to think that if we have differences with our family members, friends, colleague, and others that we must be fully right and the other fully wrong and vice-versa.


These differences make us think that we have to mold others or ourselves to suit the others needs. These sort of incidents are found in close relationships between children and parents, husband and wife, between in-laws like mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. In the case of husbands they simply try to change the attitude of their wife saying it is the in thing in that family. Fathers try to ask their daughters to dress modestly as they believe that should be the way in which young girls dress up. There is a feeling that we should mold the other person according to our ideal in life.


It is best for all of us to value that each one of nature’s creations are different for a certain purpose in life. If your sister wore saris and your wife liked wearing jeans and T-shirt, it is wrong to assume that your sister is old-fashioned or modest and your wife is modern or outrageous. Their differences are to be valued and not categorized as right or wrong.


It is best to value these differences as positive for ones own personal growth. The way one perceives a thing as right or wrong depends on the lens one looks through. If one is wearing black glasses as he sees the world, he believes the world is black. A blind person perceiving the world thinks it is something dark and empty. He is not able to perceive the beauty of flowers, the blue color of the sky, the waves in the beach and so on. However it lies in our hands if we wish to see a positive bright world or a negative dark one.


Just to understand the positive and negative aspect of things we can just take a few examples to understand it. Say a student fails to get into a good professional college in one year. There are various ways of viewing this incident. One reason could be it just happened so that he would prepare well to get into a college of his choice. The negative way of looking at this could mean that we assume he is a dud and not capable of being good in a professional career. The other view which the student may himself also figure out may be he could do research which interests him, but he did what his peers suggested.


Believe me, there is nothing as good or bad, intelligent and non-intelligent. There are just differences that are the very spice of life. Versatility is the creation of the world. So, it is best one realized this and respects differences and becomes more positive in life. This is very important for our own personal growth. Hence it is good we view the world of differences with a positive view to respect our differences and achieve personal growth and achievement.      


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