Quality eating Have you heard of it yet?

Posted by Afrah Karmale on Mon, Jan 30, 2012  
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Wonder how our grandparents and great grandparents were so lively in their younger years. And they get terrified to see our tired faces, under eye dark circles, our constant complain of headaches, stomach upsets and the list goes on. Getting hair fall or grey hair is so common to us in our adulthood but to them it’s like we need major medical attention!


This is our case today, we regularly charge our cell phones, laptops, take extra care of how we use them and are so engrossed in other technologies and gadgets that we fail to provide good nutrition for our body which is in a way God’s technology. We are so interested in working 24/7 to give our best but why are we not so when it comes to our health?


To just respond to our hunger pangs we feed on pre- packaged, ready – to- eat foods, deep fried snacks etc just to keep the body running. These snacks are so tempting but let me warn you that they have high level of bad (saturated and trans fats) fats that are nil in nutrition making you overweight & clog blood vessels , overtime making them rigid & in worst cases can lead to stroke or heart attack. Why? Because just like a car so well designed needs a proper fuel and maintenance, so do our well designed body!  Such foods are not exactly meant for the body since they are highly processed or we spoil their health content by adding on dollops of oil or ghee to make it tempting and tasty. Refined flours (maida) or ready -to - eat snacks are quickly absorbed in the body since all they contain is simple carbohydrates making blood sugar levels fluctuate frequently leading to hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus in the long run.  


What … but you eat very less? Here is a common misconception that by eating less you won’t gain weight but the fact is we eat food not to just respond to our hunger cycles but to also respond to other routines going on in our body.  The body needs energy for carrying out various activities like functioning of vital organs like brain, heart, liver, lungs, etc to name a few. Apart from that energy is required to digest food, carry its nutrients to various parts and all this comes from the food we eat.


Such is the scene of today's lifestyle!


Just so you know, a balanced diet can come to the rescue for providing the best for your body. Quality eating is all you need to do! Follow a healthy eating plan that has whole grain cereals and pulses, fruits and vegetables, and low fat dairy products and of course moderate amounts of oil.  Just as it is said too much of something is bad, similarly too much of eating in particular is bad for health.


Foods is best in its natural form, however, learn to make healthy eating interesting by using healthy cooking methods like grilling, baking, steaming etc. Keep a tab on what you put in your body because that is what determines the output! A diet high in calories and nil in nutrition will result in a body that is internally weak and immune to various health problems, on the other hand a diet rich in nutrition can enhance our body and help us to keep up with the advancements in our life. And start to move around a bit, get involved in activities, sports or just a simple 20 minutes of brisk walking would provide you a world of goodness!


Get serious about your health as they say “You live only once” so give your best!



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