Prenatal Yoga: How Could It Benefit A Mother-to-Be

Posted by Krishna Bora on Fri, Mar 7, 2014  
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Yes, you are pregnant, and you are going through a lot of issues. But that nowhere means that you should not be moving, and lie around the bed and whine about it. Do some prenatal yoga calm yourself in these days. Here are some of the benefits of yoga for your health and for your baby:


1. Yoga Keeps Stress Levels In Check.

Yoga has several stress-relieving benefits, which could help you to unwind during pregnancy. Yoga could help the moms-to-be to decompress and enjoy peace. Few breathing exercises are enough to release stress from mind and body.


2. It Can Keep Mom & Baby Healthy.

Many researchers have found out the health benefits of prenatal yoga, which is decreased risk of prenatal depression, improvement of sleep, decrease in backpain and nausea. In a study, it was also found that prenatal yoga could avoid complications during pregnancy and delivery. It could also relieve the mom-to-be from high-blood preassure, morning sickness, mood swings etc.


3. It Can Help Expecting Mothers Prepare For Labour.

Deep breathing exercises could help a mother to prepare herself for labour. It makes her stronger and relaxed, and she goes through less stress than those who donot practice prenatal yoga.


4. It Can Keep You In Shape.

One of the biggest woes after pregnancy is, to lose all those pregnancy fats and belly once the baby has arrives, and come back to the shape. Prenatal yoga helps in keeping you in shape, so that losing fat after labour becomes easier for you.


5. It Can Help You Tune Into Your Body's Needs.

Prenatal yoga could also help the mother to understand her pregnant body better, and bod with the baby better, a study says. Yoga keeps stress off the mother’s head, and helps a healthy growth and development of the baby.


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