Anxiety, Hormones and Women!!!!!

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Most of us women function in an ever present state of anxiety and worry.. which may later bloom into severe panic attacks,   phobias or even say depression. Every one experiences anxiety or feels panicky at times. Your  hands tend to tremble  legs get shaky, heart  starts palpitating ,feel breathless and so on.

It is  natural to get worried and get upset sometimes without any tangible or known  cause.  With the amount of stress at our homes  or in our ,work place,. one can never get to relax, Our minds are perpetually thinking and worrying.  Our daily lives are filled with potential stressors in the form of pollutants, toxins etc..Now  it is said that our limbic system in our brain is responsible  for all our emotions and mood.

There are many factors which contribute to anxiety.

Women are more than twice as likely as men to feel anxious especially during  their hormonal ups and downs of PMS  and during  menopause.

genetics and emotional history

Lack of a balanced diet

Depression, Anxiety and Mood disturbances develop due to neurological imbalances in the brain

Well as they say it's all in our mind , we ourselves can help in curing our problems  by putting in some effort . There is always a hope though. A natural approach can work to treat the underlying cause of your symptoms of anxiety. All of us try really hard to do everything perfect but sometimes life isn't that easy and in all the hustle and bustle of life and in our striving for success we tend to  forget our very own inner self  and discoveries  that allows us to reach our goals.

What measures to take to relieve  Anxiety:

Each of the stressors can be addressed step by step  by implementing few changes in your lives and you will begin to see yourself as a whole person who is of a  great  value and worth.

Try to get as much sunlight possible and fresh air as this stimulates the production of vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D deficiency is related to depression. and other mood disturbances. Deep breathing exercises help calm your mind and relax.

A good night sleep  is a must  so practice meditation or deep breathing before going to  bed...

Regular exercise along with  talk therapy can help you get rid of all the anxiety and will help you leading an emotionally fulfilling life ahead.

Proper intake of nutritional very important  as it is said that, a good nutrition forms a basis of natural treatment for anxiety. Avoiding all kinds of processed foods, transfat foods will prove beneficial in the long run. It is important to eat fiber rich food and drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

A daily intake of nutritional supplement rich in fatty acids is very  important to keep your hormonal balance intact and will keep you in good health too...

Well if your already in the hold of anxiety not to worry , you can visit the  nearest healthcare  professional  and talk to him or her about  your shattering thoughts and unbearable and debilitating physical symptoms of anxiety. as it will help you getting a grip on your feelings of anxiety before they manifest into any other health issue which may be a cause for concern.


Remember, though the head and heart is separated only by 12 inches it takes a lifetime to travel this distance.


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