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Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and anticipation - but unfortunately for most women, it is also a time of terrible dis-ease and discomfort. It's easy to give in to lethargy and just let go, but 'infanticipation' is no excuse not to stay fit. For one, it helps you maintain your weight even as your belly grows. It also helps you to strengthen  your muscles,especially your back and legs, which most certainly take a beating during childbearing and birth.

While lifting weights and other rigorous activities like aerobics and running are not advised, there are other low-impact exercises you can choose from: walking, swimming, and Yoga.

Yoga is most especially favorable for pregnant women not only because of the physical benefits one can get from it, but also because of the mental advantages it offers. Breathing and relaxation are two key points to master for the children birth, and these are principles taught in the practice for yoga, (They will come in handy, too, all throughout motherhood.)

During labor, while in pain, the body has the tendency to shut and tighten, which may delay the birthing process and give stress to both the mother and the baby, Learning the breathing techniques of Yoga and doing them properly will ensure that you can ward off whatever fear you have of pain or of childbirth itself.

The stretches and movements of Yoga tone and strengthen your body, and if you're a first-timer you should have no problem with the activity as headstands and other inverted positions are turf of the advanced student. If you've long been doing Yoga and are capable of such movements, know that pregnancy,is a time to modify your routine. Steer clear of poses that may give you an accident - no sudden, jerking movements please.
Bikram yoga, the 'hottest' kind of Yoga (where classes are held in a heated room) is also a no-no. Pregnant women are advised not to sit on sun-drenched car seats or saunas because of the harm the heat may bring to the baby, and staying in a room heated at 90 degrees Fahrenheit where Bikram Yoga is done may pose the same danger.

Lastly, enrolling in Prenatal yoga class

gives you the chance to meet other pregnant women and be part of a community. You can share tips and stories about your experiences, learn from one another, and give (and get) the support you all need. Now if that isn't a win-win situation, we don't already know what else is.

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