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Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Wed, Dec 5, 2012  
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Great were the days when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits. Wondering why? There are many reasons one could state from their perspective. We had more time for family and friends. We had close intimate relationships with one another. We were more loving and caring.


With the inventions and newer technologies coming in we have lost touch with intimacy and bonding. There is no time for family or friends. Offices have come into homes. Home sweet home has become just a house. Where are we heading? This in turn impacts ones health especially the psychological health in a great way. There is no one to share your thoughts and feelings. Even though one may speak with the costliest phone to the other for hours, the person on the other end can only hear and not feel what your inner most feeling is. At the most they can understand you and say some soothing words but never like sitting together and sharing the real felt feelings. Thus all things get accumulated within self, leading to negative health impacts.


Gone are those days when one used to write pages and pages of letter to a loved one staying far away, which is now replaced by a short email. The days when one used to hunt for greeting cards and pen down the wishes with self decoration inside those cards that suited best for wishing someone which is now by an e greeting or say a short text message that wishes for the occasion. The days when one used to wait for the call of a person staying far away to share all their thoughts which is now over a mobile where one talks every other hour with nothing left to share.


These have a great impact on spoiling ones health where we get used to the sedentary lifestyle of not moving around to grab things or answer a phone call etc leading to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurological problems and above all mental disturbances such as stress, loss of love and affection, depression etc.


I know for sure those days are not going to come back, but one can still keep those things alive by occasionally writing a letter to your loved ones; sending a greeting card with love to your parents and siblings and many more. Why get obsessed so much with the technological advancement and burry that long gone wonderful traditions forever.


Take time to live. How wonderful will it be say 50years down the lane when your children may hold out a paper to their grandchildren to show them this is how my parents handwriting was. Don’t you think that really is a treasured moment? Think and if you feel the same way I feel right now, grab a pen and paper and write that beautiful letter to the one whom you feel like to share your thoughts with.


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