Parkinsons Disease with dementia-Effects and Management

Posted by Aparupa Prakash on Thu, Apr 10, 2014  
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Parkinson's is a degenerative disease that effects the brain and is progressive that worsens with time.  It effects the physical and cognitive functions of elderly that includes difficulty walking, maintaining balance and fine movements. With time it also sometimes affects the concentration, memory, thinking and judgement which as whole effects the confidence of elderly person. People suffering from parkinson's are prone to falls and need proper care and management.


Management of Parkinson's Disease with  associated Dementia:

Physical activity: Regular physical movement of both upper and lower limbs is very important. If the elderly is not doing regular exercises or is bed ridden, it is better to go for passive movements. This helps reducing rigidity and makes it easy to attempt active movements.

Encourage walking: Regular walking helps improving balance. It should be taken care that while walking, there should be a care giver/attendant for support. Also balancing exercises can help the elderly to a large extent.

Postural adjustment: Generally, people suffering with parkinson's have stooping posture, this also contributes to balance problem. We should make a effort to try and correct the posture as much as possible with regular feedback and related exercises in initial stages. A physiotherapist may contribute in this aspect.

Confidence and support: This plays an important role in emotional management. Family and caregiver support and encouragement makes it easier for elderly to cope up with the stress related to the disease.

Cognitive support: Try attempting games that are stress free and encourage absract thinking, judgement and slows memory loss. These memory games help a lot in building confidence.

General Approach: Instead of creating a tensed enviroment, it is advisable to take it easy. A general feeling of happiness and creating stress free enviroment makes it easy to deal with the disease. Do not force for anything that is not liked by elderly, instead prefer activities of his/her choice.


We should always know that this is a progressive and degenerative disease that will increase with time. The only thing in our hand is to slow down the process, or in other words provide a independent feeling to elderly as far as possible.




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