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Every parent would love to know how they could do better as parents. Wouldn’t you want your child to say that these are the best parents in the world..! At times parenting can be a trying and testing job. These parenting tips will help you develop a great parent-child relationship. Good parenting is important to help your child grow into a confident and well-adjusted individual.

Parenting Tips


Spend Maximum Time with your Child 

Time flies really fast and soon your baby will begin going to school and then college. Once children grow up, they become very busy with their own lives and daily activities. So you should try to make the most of your child’s growing years. You can spend maximum time with your child during their childhood. So make the most of it and have as many as happy memories as possible during those growing years. Give them unconditional love. Ensure that your child feels loved and cared. Give them all the attention.


Put Yourself in Their Shoes and Think From their Perspective 

You are bound to get irritated by your child’s demands. Sometimes you might even feel that your child is being difficult. But relax. Sit back and think of times when you were a child. Do you remember the time when you as a child had decided to gang up at a friend’s place? Remember the plans you had made to stay awake all night, play games and gossip? Imagine how you would have felt if your parents did not let you go at that time. Yes although you feel protective about your child, but your child also needs some space out with friends. Wouldn’t it be nice if they also had such lovely memories to cherish when they were as old as you? Their childhood isn’t going to come back. So sometimes put yourself in your child’s shoes and think from their perspective. Don’t be compulsive all the time. Sometimes be a child with your child and things will work smoothly.


Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits From a Young Age 

Parents play a key role in getting their children to eat healthy food. Sorry to add to the burden of already stressed parents but ensuring that your kid eats nutritious food is super-important! Instead of giving chips and pizzas to children, make them eat fruits. If children eat nutritious food from a very young age, they are more likely to carry this habit into adulthood. But do not forget the occasional treat your child deserves.

Spend Time Together as a Family

Many a times it so happens that by the time father comes home the child has already gone off to bed. So when does the entire family spend time together? To ensure that this does not happen often, make it a point to have at least one meal together, either breakfast or dinner. Try to go for family picnics on weekends. Or you could spend time together by playing board games like scrabble, monopoly. Such activities help to bond together as a family.

Make Your Child Independent and Self-Reliant 

Do not do every little task for your kid. Make your child independent and self-reliant. The more you do things for your child the more they will be dependant on you. Doing everything for your little one can lead to problems later in life. So from a very young age children should be taught to do small things by themselves, like helping clean up their room, folding of clothes, helping with gardening, helping in the kitchen etc. This will help them become self-reliant which in turn will increase their self-esteem.


May be these tips can help parents during the journey of parenthood. At the end of it all, remember to be good role models for your child. Children imitate parents as they are the biggest role models for children.


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