Parenting net savvy kids.

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Tue, Apr 12, 2011  
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All kids these days are net savvy. But it is our duty to take the extra initiative to see that our internet savvy kids are at a safe distance from several online predators. It is sad that most Indian parents are not even aware of what’s happening as the kids are savvier than the parents when it comes to technology. Parents are not aware about what a child can get exposed to when he or she is online.


Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Kanika Roy says, “Kids do not have an understanding about what is right or wrong for them. They get carried away by what their peers are doing on social networking sites and want to have many friends on their lists like Face book and hence they add friends randomly. This gives unknown people access to them, to their pictures and their lives.”


Negative influences online could be as varied as downloading a virus, having strangers to meet the child, having strangers to lead them to an activity they feel is wrong such as seeing violent and nude images. It is absolutely important for parents to update themselves, become net savvy and ensure strict supervision. Communication is the key between a parent and a child. It is high time for the parents to be computer literate and they should not use their computer illiteracy as an excuse when their kids in the house use the internet. Parents should guide the kids or at least keep a watch on what they are doing on the net. It is our duty to make our kids responsible and to see that they do not go in the wrong direction and for this we need to educate them, empower them and guide them in the right path.


Explain to kids that if they have a bad online experience they should inform their parents immediately. Parents should also connect with their children about their online experiences by just sitting and discussing with them. Parents should keep them selves updated about popular social networking websites. Teach the kids to think before clicking onto any site. With teenage kids parents should learn how to react appropriately and they should control themselves from overreacting. Listen to his or hers explanation and then move ahead. Tell your kids that on line posts can last for ever and every body can have a look at it, so they should be careful about what they are posting.


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