Painless Vaccination - Pros and Cons

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There are different types of vaccines available in the market and for my baby I have to choose the right one. The conventional painful vaccines are known to have a lot of side effects while also causing pain and making the baby feel ill with vomiting, nausea, fever, and the likes. In this context, I have tried to understand and bring to you an article which tells more about the painless vaccines. Let us understand about the pros and cons of these vaccines through the article that follows.

What is Painless Vaccination?

Before I go on to state what are the advantages and disadvantages of a painless vaccination, let me first make you aware of the term painless vaccination.

The term is mainly associated with something called DTP vaccine, and particularly the DTaP vaccine which when administered into the body will not cause any kind of pain or any other adverse reactions which other types of painful vaccines are known to cause.

What are the Pros of Painless Vaccines?

Before going for vaccination, do remember the following advantages of administering painless vaccine to your baby:

  • Painless vaccinations are known to improve the immunity of the baby as much as the painful and the conventional ones.

  • Painless vaccines are known to have fewer side effects when compared to the more painful counterparts

  • When i administer painless vaccine into my child, my child experiences minimal or very little pain at the site where the injection has been put

  • As against the other type of vaccines that are available in the market which are the painful ones, my child does not get fever or vomiting after he or she gets the vaccine

  • Finally, my child does not get pain when the painless vaccine is being administered into my child

What are the Cons of Painless Vaccines?

Do remember the following disadvantages when you are trying to decide the type of vaccination that you are going to give to your baby.

  • The painless vaccines that are available in the market are comparatively more expensive than their painful vaccine counterparts

  • A few experts are also of the notion and believe that when you administer painless vaccines into the child, the effects of such vaccines are really short lived and they will go away in just a little time. Hence, most of them prefer the conventional painful vaccines

  • As far as the immunity component is concerned, it is said that painless vaccines have less immunity related components.

  • More and more shots and dosages of these vaccine types are required in order to give the same effect and same benefits as that of a painful conventional vaccine

  • At the time of giving the vaccine, the child will definitely get the same amount of pain as in case of painful vaccines. It is only after the administering of the vaccine, that in case of painless owns, my child shall not get the after effects such as vomiting, fever, etc which is quite common in case of the conventional painful vaccines.

Thus, to conclude there are both advantages and disadvantages of Painless vaccines. Having known all of these, I will definitely consider all of them and make a decision after considering my childs medical expert. I hope you do the same.

Rishita Sharma is proud mom of baby girl and this blog. She writes about vaccination for baby to make the moms/dads aware about the importance of vaccine .


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