Noise Phobia

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Mon, Jul 15, 2013  
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Fear of sound is called acousticophobia. And it can be really disgusting in a country where every festival celebration begins with the bursting of fire crackers.  Those who already suffer from anxiety are more likely to suffer from this phobia. It is said that whatever phobia that you suffer from generally is a cause of childhood trauma or some kind of external environment which aggravates the situation. Sometimes it is genetic as well and family history has a very important role to play in it.


Sometimes when you are brought up in a family where everybody dislikes noise, it is bound that you will develop a phobia for it.  And sometimes we associate noise or water with a mishap that has happened in the family. We also sometimes fear that children will become deaf if they are exposed to loud noise and this fear makes us keep them away from noise and since they are not used to it they develop a phobia.


Treatment for noise phobia begins with anti-anxiety medicines.  Behavioral psychotherapy sessions also help in getting rid of noise phobia. The doctor generally checks on to the different stimuli that lead to the phobia. But thankfully not many Indians suffer from this phobia as all celebrations be it a festival or a wedding is incomplete without bursting crackers.



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