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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Tue, Jan 17, 2012  
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Male menopause may not be the right word to use. It takes away from what is really going on in men and it alienates medical professionals from the subject. Menopause refers to the stage when menstrual periods in women stop and this leads to a decline in female hormones. In men too there is a gradual decline in testosterone levels from the age of 40 to 50 and onwards.


The onset is slow in men so it takes some time to recognize the symptoms, which are essentially those of testosterone deficiency. The common syndromes are loss of sexual desires, lack of energy and stamina, loss of muscle mass and strength and loss of bone mass.


The age for this testosterone varies, some men will experience symptoms as early as their mid-40s or as late as their mid-60s. It has to do with their general health and condition, which has an impact on the testosterone production in a man and this, adds to the difficulties in diagnosing and interpreting the syndrome.


Testosterone deficiency is comparatively a new concept in India. It is still under diagnosed and hence under treated. Men generally do not go to doctors for these complaints. Since testosterone deficiency leads to the loss of muscle mass and loss of bone mass, this in turn increases the risk of bone fractures.


A man first must understand that this stage is normal and that every man goes through it. He should not deny it or try to fight for it, but seek medical help for it. As it is essentially a deficiency of male hormones, it can be replaced with synthetic male hormones that are 100 per cent identical to natural hormones.


Men should first accept the fact that this happens in every man’s life. A healthy lifestyle with exercise and weight control can ward off the manifestations for a long time. A positive attitude towards life is what is going to help the most.


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