Male Infertility on the Rise

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Jul 7, 2011  
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Late marriage is leading to male infertility. Once infertility was considered to be a woman’s issue, but now the scene is quite different.  Sperm count amongst the men population has decreased over the last 50 years by up to 50 percent- making infertility a male issue too. Initially it was just the biological and environmental factor that affected the fertility of a person, but now it has been seen that nutrition also affects the fertility of a person.


There are a number of factors that is leading to the infertility amongst men. Irregular sperm count and delivery are the main causes. Varicocoela  can adversely affect fertility. Hormone abnormality also contributes to infertility amongst men. Obesity and improper diet has become a very common thing amongst men because of the work culture in the cities. Stress, alcohol and drug addiction, chain smoking and desk job is also adding to it. Late marriage and delayed child birth is also adding to it.


According to a recent study conducted by the University of Copenhagen, vitamin D can play a vital role in improving male fertility. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to low sperm count and low sperm mobility. Higher vitamin D levels had significantly higher sperm mobility. Vitamin D helps in absorption of calcium in the body. Men should start exposing them to the sunlight more.  Men should consume fish and mushroom to increase their fertility because these are rich sources of vitamin D. Men should follow certain lifestyle changes religiously before they think of having a baby.


Unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and drugs should be given up completely because these habits have an adverse effect on sperm DNA. Exposure to sunlight is extremely important because it increases the levels of testosterone and this in turn helps in the production of healthy sperm. Regular exercise along with nutritious diet rich in Vitamin A , vitamin C, and vitamin E are important in increasing the fertility of men.


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