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Ozone Therapy is not a new therapy. It is invented by Germans and is practiced in Germany for over 100 years. Germany, Italy, France, Russia are the European nations where it is legalized. Japan, Cuba, Latin American countries and our neighbors like Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, etc are also using it. It was also used extensively in USA before the World War I following which political pressure by Pharma Giants has prevented its growth in USA.

Ozone mainly interacts with blood components to produce its effects. It acts on RBCs and increases its glucose uptake. It stimulates RBC’s metabolism and make them energetic. It makes their cell membrane more elastic and pliable which means improved circulation. It causes RBCs to release more Oxygen at tissue level. It relaxes blood vessel cells, opening up small capillaries; further improving circulation. WBCs are stimulated to improve immunity. Ozone stimulates Anti-Oxidant enzymes in the body to fight effectively against oxidative stress. It kills all sorts of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It burns toxins and provide more Oxygen to cells. It rejuvenates the entire body.

A lot of research is taking place in Ozone Therapy. We know the exact treatment protocols for many diseases. It is not an experimental therapy but a well established, scientific, alternative therapy.  Ozone Therapy practitioners are called CAM Practitioners, i.e. Complementary and Alternative Medical Practitioners.

Ozone Therapy is especially useful for old age diseases, chronic diseases, allergies, cancers and all sorts of infections. It is added to the standard treatment for the disease. We have very successfully treated diabetic foot, non healing ulcers, osteo arthritis knee joint, Parkinson’s disease, all type of cancers, common cold, sinusitis, back aches, acne, Herpes, burns, psoriasis, eczema, vaginal infections, heart diseases, stroke, etc.

Ozone Therapy is mainly used as supportive therapy. Patient continues whatever treatment he is taking and just adds Ozone Therapy to it. Ozone Therapy helps to control or cure disease or symptoms which were otherwise not helped by only conventional treatment. It reduces the adverse effects, reduces the treatment time and improves quality of life for the patient.

It is given by many ways EXCEPT INHALATION. One must not inhale Ozone as one will immediately start coughing. Plus it has a very bad smell. In fact there are two dozen ways in which Ozone Therapy can be given.

Ozonated water is prepared by bubbling Ozone through cold water for 15 minutes. This water can be drunk for peptic ulcer diseases. It can be used to improve digestion and is wonderful for cancer patients. As half life of Ozone is only 20 minutes, it is to be consumed as soon as it is prepared. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and its soaks are particularly useful in burns, sprains, insect-bites, post-op wounds, etc.

Ozonated Oil is the only preparation of Ozone which can be made now and used later. In Europe, Olive oil is used. In Cuba, sunflower oil is used. We, in India use Sesame (Til) oil. Ozone is bubbled through the oil and then this Ozonated Oil is stored in refrigerator for one year. This oil has excellent germicidal and anti inflammatory properties. It also helps wound healing.

Ozone can be given externally by bagging, cupping, Ozonated steam sauna, etc. Here, affected part is put inside a plastic bag and Ozone is put in that bag. This method is excellent for all sorts of wounds, ulcers, abscesses, skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, etc. Ozonated steam sauna is excellent for rejuvenation and detoxification. It is also used as a form of systemic Ozone Therapy and is excellent for cancer.

Ozone is very conveniently given by rectal route, somewhat similar to enema. It is an excellent way of receiving Ozone for any type of systemic illness. A small plastic tube is passed up the anus and Ozone is given for about 5 minutes. It is totally painless quick and easy procedure and extremely effective. Ozone can be given in vagina in the same way. Ozone can also be given in ears by putting stethoscope in the ears and connecting lower end of the stethoscope to the Ozone generator.

Ozone injections are excellent for pain relief. Osteo arthritis, frozen shoulder, back ache, slipped disc – all respond beautifully to Ozone injections.

Autohemotherapy is the procedure in which Ozone is mixed with the blood outside the body and is re-injected in the vein (in Major Autohemotherapy) or muscle (in Minor Autohemotherapy). These are very popular ways of giving Ozone in Europe. They are excellent for chronic diseases and allergies.

Ozone is bubbled through saline and given as Intravenous Ozonated Saline drip. It is the most popular way of giving Ozone in Russia.

Effect of Ozone Therapy is quick, lasting and usually without any complications. Ozone molecule breaks down into Oxygen which is needed by each and every cell. That is why it has no side effects. However, Ozone is not given during active bleeding. It increases the duration of bleeding. Ozone is to be avoided in G6PD enzyme deficiency as it acts through this enzyme.

Ozone is different from hyperbaric Oxygen. It causes oxygenation as well as oxidation. The machine is portable compared to scary, tunnel like machine of hyperbaric Oxygen. It is much cheaper than the later.

Mostly, Ozone is given for 10 procedures. 10 procedures make one cycle. Ozone Therapy is given two or three times a week. So, one cycle may take 3 to 5 weeks. For most chronic diseases, Ozone Therapy is given at least twice a year. Most Ozone treatment takes less than 10 minutes. Sauna, bagging, Intravenous Ozonated Saline take about 30-40 minutes.

Ozone is nature’s way to clear pollution from environment. Ozone can also be used to clean up our internal environment, helping us to lead healthy, energetic and fuller life.

Editors Note-

Ozone therapy is not extablished as a form of therapy in medical science. It is not recommended in any form of treatment. Hence Medindia does not endorse the views of the author.  However  ozone therapy is  legal in certain countries -  Barbados, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine. In the USA, recently passed Alternative Therapy Legislation has made ozone therapy an option for patients in some states. In Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, and Washington, physicians can legally use ozone treatments in their practice without fear of prosecution.


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