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Getting the right amount of fluid each day is essential.Gastric bypass(weight loss surgery) partitions the stomach into two parts, with a very small "pouch".This tiny pouch can hold about 1 ounce, about the size of a shot glass.Post-operatively, one of the main challenges for these patients overtime is to maintain hydration.The small pouch makes it difficult to eat solid food, but provides little barrier to liquids when taken slowly in sips.Patients are allowed to drink 1-2 ozs of fluid at a time, however the body requires the same amount of fluid as before surgery.The best way to achieve the fluid goal of 2L/day is to take small amounts on a near constant basis.Instruct patients to carry along a bottle of fluid with them at all times.

                                             What counts towards daily fluid?Anything that is non-carbonated,decaffeinated, calorie and sugar free. Using liquids such as fruit juice or something that is high in calories, can lessen weight loss due to the caloric value. Fluids should be consumed regularly, but not during meals bcoz of the feeling of fullness. The general recommendation is that you should stop drinking liquids once you have started your meal and wait 30 min after you have completed your meal to resume drinking.This will ensure absorption of nutrients you have just eaten.If you drink during your meal you may also tend to wash the food out of the stomach pouch, and consume more food than is desirable.This will make it difficult to lose weight and retain nutrients.

SUGGESTION:Eat your meal without liquids on the table.This will make it easier for you not to feel tempted!

                                              And yes dont be decieved! It is just as common to get dehydrated in winter as in summer.So keep yourself hydrated.


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