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Posted by Trupti Shirole on Mon, Apr 18, 2011  
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Common salt or table salt is essential for the body. Our kidneys regulate the amount of salt in our bodies and excrete the excess salt via urine. However in case of very high salt intake even the kidneys are unable to do anything and this excess salt ends up in the blood. Salt leads to water retention in the body. More amount of water increases the blood volume leading to high blood pressure or hypertension.


How to lower your salt intake?


Instead of eating pre-processed or pre-packed foods begin with coking at home. In situations where you cannot cook, opt for ‘low sodium’ food products.


Use less salt while preparing food.


Rather than using canned vegetables and fruits, eat fresh fruits and vegetables.


Get into the habit of checking labels for the salt content of any canned or processed food. Avoid eating anything which suggests sodium content of over 100gm per serving.


Avoid processed food and canned foods. Processed foods contribute 80% of the daily salt intake.


Avoid condiments, sauces and pickles.


Some foods that have high salt content- Onion soup, baked beans, cottage cheese, fast food items (burgers, hamburgers, hot dogs), fish, potato chips, sliced ham, soy sauce.  


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