How to Keep a Full Head of Hair

Posted by Rhealyn Inguito on Mon, Apr 18, 2011  
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Seasons may change and times continue to move forward, still, the problem of both men and women going bald is here to stay. Men as young as their 20’s are inflicted with this dilemma and it’s not only the men who suffer but also a great number of women battles hair loss from time to time. Although there are too many reasons why hair loss occurs, there are ways to counter them and have the chance to keep a full head of hair and years away from getting bald. Here are top 5 tips in keeping your hair instead of losing them.

Keep your hair tip #1. Eat a balanced, healthy diet every day.

Nutrition plays an important role in keeping your locks healthy. The foods you eat are the source of nutrients that your follicles need in order to continue in growing healthy strands of hair. It should be noted that losing a few strands over the normal 100 a day could also be caused by malnutrition. The only way to prevent this is to eat ensure that you get an ample amount of nutritious foods daily.

Keep your hair tip #2. Avoid harsh hair products.

Perming, permanent hair color and other chemicals, hair treatments bring more damage to the hair rather than repairing it. This goes especially true when these things are used on a regular basis. In this case, you might lose more hair instead of gaining. A damaged hair root is one of the most common reasons of balding. So unless you’d want that, better stop lavishing your hair with those products.

Keep your hair tip #3. Avoid too much pulling of your hair.

Certain hair styles like ponytail, braiding and cornrows need the hair to be pulled tight in order to have a very neat appearance. Through the process, the hair shafts are being pulled out of the scalp. Too much stretching will eventually make the hair fall and growing them back will have to really take for ages.

Keep your hair tip #4. Never underestimate calcium.

Although it seems to only have significance in keeping healthy bones and teeth, calcium is also proven to make the hair follicles and roots on the scalp stronger and less prone to hair fall. So go ahead and have a glass of milk for your hair, every day.

Keep your hair tip #5. Last but definitely not the least, have a healthy life free from any kinds of stress.

Yoga, sports, exercise, and any hobby which relaxes you will help in avoiding stress. Maintaining a healthy number of sleeps on a regular basis is a great step in freeing yourself from any stressors in life. Avoid staying up too late to avoid spiking up your stress levels.

Hair loss problems should not be a cause of worry especially that you know now how to avoid going bald prematurely. You can start with the above tips on how to keep your healthy hair. It is not something that you should go panicking about or because of stress to anyone. Try doing them and see for yourself how these tips works.



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