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Posted by Hannah Punitha on Tue, Dec 10, 2013  
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Fitness expert Vinod says "Any one can lose weight at any age" You need not have to starve or take up rash diets.Here are few tips to start losing weight safely.

Set achievable goals. Set some achievable and realistic goals that can be put to practice. Goal setting will enable you to take action, and tangibly see some weight loss results.

Make simple changes and take control of what you eat if you want to lose weight without dieting. Eating smart is the key to lose weight naturally. Plan a healthy, balanced diet with a loved one or your friend who can follow it up with you.

Exercise regularly according to your age and body type.Any cardiac activity that works according to your genetic frame like walking, jogging or weights training can be tried. Exercising 30-40 minutes a day will help you burn excess fat, improve your blood circulation, and fitness.

Cut out on junk food.
Ensure that you have sufficient vitamins, fibre and proteins.Increase the intake of fresh fruits and veggies so that you get enough nutrition from your food.

Water is vital for weight loss

Have up to 2-3 litres per day as per your physical requirements and according to your doctor's advice.

Eat 5-6 small portions of food as it increases metabolism and thus cut down on temptation to suddenly binge.

You could also drink green tea that can help in losing weight by speeding up your metabolism. It is rich in antioxidants.

Fruits: An excellent natural weight loss food, fruits contain vitamins and antioxidants that supplies nutrients to keep your bodies healthy. Fruit is a great source of energy and is also low in calories.

Reduce your fat intake by opting for food that is low in fat. Cut out unhealthy snacks such as sweets and fries; opt for a fruit instead.

Finally, having enough sleep helps in weight loss beyond your wildest dreams. An average adult needs 7-8hours of good sleep. Set a particular time for bed time and plan your entertainment schedule, dinner and family time appropriately. Switch of your computers and TV aleast 2 hours before sleep. Have a cup of warm milk and a banana before bed time which induces sleep.


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