Longer and Stronger Nails: Some Easy Tips

Posted by Krishna Bora on Thu, Aug 8, 2013  
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Women, very conscious ones, take care of every inch of her body with a passion and dedication. It is just one body that they own, perfect at this very age, and in this very life. Let it be the toe, their hair, or their ankles, women want every part of their body to look beautiful. When it comes to nails, they are extra careful with them. They have to take care that they are not chapped, long and healthy, and don’t break off easily. Here are some tips for those women, who take care of their nails like their babies.


#1: Stop Biting Your Nails:

Nails are not part of your diet, so stop biting them. Biting nails or being too aggressive when cleaning them out under the nails could stress them out, and create fractures on the corners of the edges. Eventually, they would break.

#2: Wear Rubber Gloves While Cleaning:

Always wear rubber gloves while doing your dishes and cleaning other places of your house. It helps you to protect your nails from the chemicals of household cleaners, which are also a reason why thenails break down.

#3: Limit Water:

Constantly being under water, your nails become weaker. They tear off easily when they are wet. Nails are porous in nature, they absorb water. They need to be dried a bit before they are submerged into water for bathing and cleaning.

#4: Maintain Your Nails for Their Long Lives:

Regular care of your nails with manicure and pedicure makes them look groomed. Moisturising cuticles daily is a key component for beautiful and string nails.

#5: Apply Sunscreen before Going under UV or LED Light:

LED lights and UV rays could harm your cuticles and the nails, when you try to dry your nail polishes under them. It is always recommended to use a soothing broad spectrum sunscreen beforehand to protect nails and hands.

#6: Don’t Forget the Vitamins:

Biotin supplements are great for nail growth. Both lacquer and supplements that includes biotin can be very useful for the strength of nails, and hence one can apply them directly on the nail bed. Vitamin E gel in the capsules is also idea to apply on the surface of the nails.

So, these were some tips that would help you, ladies, to keep your nails long and strong. If you have some personal tips that worked fantastically on your nails, feel free to share with us.


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