Loneliness It Effects And Remedies

Posted by Antony76 on Thu, Aug 21, 2014  
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Loneliness has cut across age groups and gender and this is more of a disease that has crept into the society in a silent manner.  This has gone unnoticed for quite a while as people are not willing to accept this fact.  There are very few people out there in this universe who are not immune to this problem.  An individual is cut off from the society despite living with friends, peers, and social networking sites. Individuals who are affected by loneliness are not keen to reveal this fact.  They are more embarrassed, and do not have the mindset to accept this fact.  The concept of urban living has become an individualistic phenomenon, and loneliness is a byproduct of urban living.  The role of nucleus families has come into focus as people are more individualistic in nature, and the concept of extended families is a bygone concept.  Relationships have become more transient.  Old age and loneliness go hand in hand.  According to statistics, majority of the population in India who figure in the age group of sixty to seventy feel lonely.  Mental health of a person is closely associated with loneliness.  Loneliness is the previous stage of depression, and this might lead to suicidal tendencies.  Loneliness can sometimes be very contagious in nature.  People who feel disconnected from the society tend to look at social networking sites in order to beat loneliness.  People who feel lonely transmit the same kind of feelings towards their partners.    

People who are lonely cannot be trusted, and this makes it very difficult to develop friendship with others.  Older people who live in rural pockets interact with others, and the pain of loneliness is less in them compared to the urban society.  Men are more prone to loneliness than women in India.  According to psychiatrists there is an urgent need to address this problem, and a conscious effort should be made in this regard.  People should be resilient, and they should have the inner strength to fight loneliness with able support from friends and support structure.  The mind has to be kept occupied by reading books and opting for meditation.  There is no rule that loneliness affects older people, but in fact young adults are not immune to this problem.  Loneliness is highly prevalent in youngsters who don’t have the support system at their disposal.  Even if youngsters are surrounded by friends they feel lonely as they don’t connect with them in an appropriate manner.  A support structure is the need of the hour especially for children, when it comes to beating loneliness.  Parents and teachers have a significant role to play in order to look for signs of loneliness in children.  Children who remain aloof must be helped out in this regard, and skill set should be inculcated as it gives them the much needed confidence.  Indians are more family oriented, and this is why they are at risk of loneliness when they are separated from their families.  Individuals who are shy and insecure are the ones who are likely to be affected by loneliness. 

It’s very important for individuals to raise their self esteem in order to tackle loneliness.  There are lots of people who find themselves lonely during different phases of their life.  Individuals who feel a sense of unworthiness in them or for that matter feeling unloved is where loneliness creeps into their life.  Creative resources and indulging in activities that gives them satisfaction will help people to overcome loneliness.  Having a close set of friends will help people to stay connected.  It would be wise to avoid people who don’t treat them well.  Develop new interests, and address things that need to be addressed.  People should avoid sleeping for long duration as it will have a negative on their health.  Jotting down the thought process by keeping a diary is a good way to describe things that is affecting you individually.  Raising a pet is a good way to stay connected as it helps individuals to relax and unwind.  Conversations with colleagues and close set of friends will make things much better. Meditational aspects will have a calming effect, and individuals should stop looking at their past to make things easy for them.


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