Life of a New Age Woman

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Aug 16, 2012  
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Life for women in modern India is certainly not a cakewalk in fact it is a dizzying roller-coaster ride. But we can certainly turn some of the odds- however heavy they are to our favour.


My advice would be to go beyond looks and body perfection. Divorce and break-ups is becoming a very common scene. Handle divorce and break-ups cool headedly. A bitter divorce where children become pawns and families interfere can be even more hurtful. Women are often tortured by their husbands when the loving precious relationship becomes sour. And if the woman dares to ask for freedom she is deprived of the money for maintenance and the children. But things are definitely changing for better and courts today are clear that the mother has the custody of her young children and she is entitled to take maintenance from her ex-husband.


Stand up against violence of any kind be it physical or verbal.    You should stand up and make your own choice whether you want to live with this torture and pain or you want to leave and make your own life. The choice is entirely yours. Sometimes women don’t realize that she is in an abusive relationship or maybe she is in a state of denial. It is a very sad story that we don’t have strict and rigid laws against domestic violence. And mind you sometimes if you want to take a stand against your friend or your domestic help and report it to the police against violence, the police refuse to take action saying that it is a personal matter and that they should not interfere. And in many cases victim too backs out saying that it happens in all marriages. Well again I repeat it is completely your choice if you wish to live in an abusive relation or to move ahead in life.


Remember every human being has a lot of hidden talent and that she just needs to take it out. Work on self development. Learn new skills and enhance your knowledge. The more you learn, the more confident you become as a human being. Make a good circle of friends who have believe in your talent and they will motivate you to harness your potentials.  Be surrounded by positive people who make you feel good and not miserable. Make your own beautiful world of dreams within this larger world and you will understand that life is beautiful. Your own passion for knowledge, financial independence, your circle of friends who make you feel good and the most important thing your self esteem nobody can take it away from you. It is only when you are contended with yourself and completely at peace with yourself  and you feel what you have achieved nothing could have been better than this, it is only then you can consider yourself to be a successful human being in life.



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