Know All About The Reasons People Smoke On World No Tobacco Day 2010

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, May 31, 2010  
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On the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day, 31st May 2010, let us all take a vow to smoke no tobacco product today and think over all the reasons that people smoke and take effective steps to curb the habit of smoking and bring good and healthy quality life to one and all.


It is best that we all understand the various reasons why one smokes and try to help our near and dear ones top quit this dangerous and unhealthy habit. The first main reason is the stress of living in the modern times. The act of smoking makes the person feel good about him and feel on top of the world and helps one to be rid of tension and stress for some time.


The second reason why one smokes, especially teenagers and those below the age of 20 is that youngsters yield to peer pressure and have a desire to look and feel grown up. Youngsters who do not smoke are looked down by their friends who smoke and create an illusion that ‘smoking is a cool thing to do’ and should form the part of lifestyle of a teenager. Most youngsters have a natural curiosity and take to smoking being rebellious and wanting to be free.


The third main reason why one takes to smoking is a sense of being bored. Smoking is considered by most youngsters especially as a very pleasurable activity to do when one has no other better thing to do or when one is frustrated with other activities in life. Children of smokers or those who live in smoker families have a tendency to think that smoking is pleasurable and as adult smokers may appear more confident. They will have the tendency to mimic adult behavior.


These reasons lead to physical, emotional and psychological addiction and the smoker craves for more and more of the pleasant feelings that the nicotine in cigarette gives him. Smoking provides various types of relief to the smoker being a friend for one, an activity to overcome boredom in another and an antidote to stress in yet another. The lower income people consider it as an only luxury of life. 


Yes, the pleasant feeling on smoking means a great stress reliever for many, and induces addiction. However the withdrawal symptoms could also produce great mood swings in many. Also smoking induces tension and stress, which makes a person crave for more and more cigarettes. The wisdom and long-term solution to stress lies in having a heart to heart talk with family and trusted friends. 


To conclude, the reasons why one smokes requires us to really look for ways to help ourselves and our family and friends to give up smoking. Let every smoker start today, World No Tobacco Day 2010 by realizing that he/she smokes in every cigarette more than 4000 harmful chemicals which include formaldehyde used to preserve dead bodies, ammonia used in strong cleaning liquids, and cadmium the poison used in making batteries. This would help make everyday a no tobacco day.  


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