Kids Influencing the Imaging of Parents

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Fri, Dec 17, 2010  
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My five year old son refuses to go out with me if I am not well dressed. Even if I am going to drop him to the bus stop he makes it a point that I do not wear a slip-on with my gym attire. He does not like the idea about his mother putting on weight. Kids these days want their parents to be arm candy, a parent whom he can show off and be proud about.

Today’s kids are very image conscious about their parents. I guess this is happening because of what a child is exposed to these days, how conscious the parents are about their own image, which school they go to etc. Research on child psychology and child development states that children have role models whom they always like to copy. Girls to day aspire to own more Barbie dolls or boys who think the world of Ben10 to be ultimate fashion. So Barbie worshipping girls would want to dress like her and would also want her mother to be like the mother on TV.

 It’s good to be well –groomed as parents, but a lot of times, it also depends on how parents handle their kids when they make unreasonable demands. Parents should teach their kids the importance of good values. “But if a parent has to face the imaging situation even at home , it is time to sit down and talk to them about it,” says psychologist Varkha Chulani.

 Kids these days are well informed than what we were when it comes to fashion, hairstyles, makeup etc. They like their parents to be well-dressed always. It’s a good sign because they are keeping up with the world and the changing environment. But at the same time, it is important to make your child realize the importance of ‘you’ and your values; they have to look beyond your physical appearance because looks are not everything.

 The world has always given a lot of importance on good looks. How you dress and present your self is a very important thing. A sloppily dressed parent may not get much attention from the child’s teachers and class mates. On the other hand a confident and well-dressed parent gets more attention and respect. If your child is actually embarrassed with your sloppy dressing, may be he is right and you need to do something about it.

 Model and mother of three kids, Wallucha Robinson says, “Getting dressed does not mean that you have to be in designer out fits always. Simple clothes, a dash of make up and a pleasant confident attitude are what your child wants.” But do not let your child dictate you too much. Don’t let him cross the line. When he starts making unreasonable demands about the way you look or dress, then it is time to find out the cause behind it. Ask him whether it is television that is influencing him or is it peer pressure. It’s time to talk it out.  A kid needs o be proud f his parents. So be careful about what you are wearing and be confident about your self and at the same time don't loose your self.


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