Itís Good to be Ambitious!

Posted by Seema Nigar Alvi on Sun, Mar 20, 2011  
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Well, ambition is the urge or burning desire to achieve our targets and goals. It is the driving force required to propel our actions to the fulfillment of our dreamed aim. In other words ambition provides us the sheer determination, passion and motivation to cleave a path for the achievement of our objective. Since ambition is a dynamic force, it carves a new vision for the attainment of set goal.

It is important to remember, that there are certain evils associated with too much of ambition. On one hand ambition enables an individual to display best of our abilities in pursuit of our desires, and on the other hand, it may corrupt and deteriorate a person, by resorting to immorality and greed. A close relationship exists between extremism and being over- ambitious. There have been many notorious ambitious rulers in the past, responsible for causing deaths, turmoil and massive destruction across the world. For example, Herostratus, the Greek emperor who harbored the ambition of being famous, consequently destroyed not only the Artemisean Temple but also wiped off a large portion of the Greek population. So, it is entirely dependent on us in selecting the path, leading to the accomplishment of our ambitious desires.

The Positive Aspects of Ambition:

With a positive ambition, comes the vibrant energy, never -ending enthusiasm and a firm drive to excel. Ambitious people try to outshine others in whichever fields they belong to. They try to bring out the best of their abilities. The desire to be famous and successful is the chief motivation for them. General recognition and amelioration from their existing position, is what they look to achieve.

Ambition is a noble trait in leaders. An ambitious leader instills zeal, hope, confidence and vital energy in others
it’s good to be ambitious as long as you don’t hurt others or even yourself. Sometimes people tend to get carried away in their chase to fulfill the target. We should remember our limits and where to draw the line. The crux of the matter is – being ambitious is good and we should never let money and power surmounts our head.

The positivity of ambition can be traced from the fact that nearly all the scientist, writers etc. had the non-satiating urge to achieve their dreams and they worked immensely hard to attain the impossible. Ambition provides a deep sense of satisfaction within us.  If you are utilizing ambition in a positive manner, it is an extremely encouraging and motivating quality.

Positive Ambition for Leaders:

Appropriate positive ambition helps the leaders to acquire the following traits:

  • Harboring intense desires to accomplish their goals
  • Have a vivid picture of their goal
  • Aim-focused and do not bother about the shortcomings

 Probably the good effects of ambition in ordinary men are greater than all the evils wrought by ambitious dictators.  The power of ambition gives us the undying strength to striving again and again. So, be ambitious and get best results out of you!


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