Improving Heart Health Is a Topic that requires our vigilance

Posted by Nisha Pandey on Tue, Mar 25, 2014  
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Heart, one of the most complicated organs of human body needs special care. True, it is the matter of care that can easily get affected by the event and incidents that took place in your life. Take care of your heart health and live a healthy life. The incidences of heart related issues have grown fast in last few years. Late night parties, regular drinks, smoking, family pressure, professional competent, all these factors are slowly damaging the well-being of heat. Now even youngsters are diagnosed with heart disease. Bring change in your lifestyle before it is too late and enjoy each and every moment of your life. For women especially there seems to be an expanded incidence but it is happening more and more for every person, men, women and young kids.

Instead of relying on medicines for the wellness, try living a balanced life and avoid heart related health issues. here are few tips that could heal an individual in living a healthy life with healthy heart.

  • Indulge on the chocolate. Chocoholics, rejoice! According to a study from the University of Adelaide in Australia, dark chocolate (sorry, milk chocolate lovers) may reduce body-fluid force that good for you heart.

  •  Curtail the salt intake. Too much saline can damage blood vessels and enlarge your risk of evolving hypertension.
  • Let the music heal your heart and soul. Enjoy your favorite music and keep your heart rate in a steady manner. Experience the .melodious tone of your favorite singer with close eyes and relax for a while
  • Pour some olive oil. Rich in omega 3, it will protect your heart. Avoid foodstuff enriched with oil, prefer fiber rich food items for sound heart.

Focus on your fitness regimen, include few exercise especially good for your heart.

Brisk walking

You don’t have to spend hefty amount of cash for buying fitness machines to keep your heart healthy. 25 minutes for birsk walk per day is enough to keep the heart in order.


Although more challenging than walking, running is another heart-healthy activity that the people body is ready-made to do (barring personal limitations or injuries).


Swimming is a complete exercise. It not only keep the body in shape but it is also good for the lungs and heart too. Splash some water in a swimming pool to feel young and light after a hectic day.


Cycling is another cardiovascular task that could keep the pump in sound condition, Enjoy it on roadside or avail cycling service at gym and stay healthy.

Lastly, avoid smoking; it is the biggest enemy of your well-being. Keep yourself engaged in productive activities. Don’t let stress spoil your day. It slowly sows the seed of many heart related troubles.

Eat, fresh and light, exercise regularly. Enjoy every moment of your life and say goodbye to all the worries. Last but not the least, visit your doctor regularly to check the status fo your heart from time to time to avoid any mis-happening. 

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