Impact Of Covid-19 On Health Care Network Worldwide

Posted by Antony76 on Tue, Mar 31, 2020  
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Across nations, the health network has been put to tremendous stress moving forward, similar to what we found in Wuhan and we're seeing now in Italy. The World Economic Forum simply published an editorial by an Italian doctor about how they need more ventilators for individuals, and they need to prioritize individuals. It's entrenched in the clinical network that when you have limited resources, you utilize those resources for the individual who have high chances of survival. Older individuals can't be prioritized for ventilators or for the antiviral that helps against the infection. This will be an enormous test of the health system across different countries.


The Number Game:


Elderly individuals are getting compassionate care that doesn’t mean they will die, rather they are not getting the much needed the antivirals and the ventilators. I think sadly, in certain networks, the elderly are advised to stay at home since they don’t stand a chance of being taken care off under the prevailing scenario. This is an outrageous case and I don't think we've seen that yet.


A great deal of it will depend not just on the robustness of the healthcare network, rather the average age the nation. The normal age in China is 37; in Japan, it's 47 – and in Sub-Saharan Africa, it's 20.  Africa has less number of younger individuals, on the contrary more untreated communicable and infectious disease.  It's difficult to state what the effects on the older people especially in underdeveloped nations


Impact On Health Care Professionals:


Psychological well-being of the health care professionals is of paramount importance. It can be quite traumatic when you turn away the elderly since they remind you of your grandmother or grandfather, not to mention the deep psychological impact it has on them moving forward.  


Enormous discussions and debates are going on across the world as to what should be done when health care workers are exposed to this virus.  In California, a single infected individual was exposed to more than 200 healthcare workers


The most significant thing is the need to rehearse widespread precautionary measures and treat each patient the equivalent. Many people got acquainted with the universal precautions during the HIV epidemic. There was such a lot of stigma attached to it, eventually they ended up dealing with each patient as if they had HIV and that was a successful measure.




The healthcare professionals are working under strenuous conditions worldwide. We owe a lot to them as they are risking their lives to treat and save us from this global pandemic that is claiming more number of lives across the globe.

We live in an interdependent world, meaning we cannot escape each other. How we respond to Covid-19 depend on how we understand this interdependence. It’s not someone else’s problem, this is everybody’s problem, rather a global problem. Protect Yourself, Protect Your Fellow Country Men!




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