How You Can Cure UTI By Natural Methods.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Sat, Feb 20, 2010  
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Urinary tract infection or UTI affects most people in some time of their life. Some are more prone to it than others. They could cause very annoying symptoms, however it can be easily cured or relieved by natural methods. Women are more prone to attacks of UTI than men. This is primarily due to the fact that the urinary tract is more narrow and small than in men. This makes them more prone to catch infections from outside more easily. An UTI infection can be easily acquired by using infected toilet seats also. A doctor’s attention would however be necessary in severe cases where the condition is acute and there is blood in the urine.


Hydrotherapy or drinking a lot of water and fluids could help cure an UTI. When one drinks a lot of water one also tends to pass more urine that helps to flush out the accumulated bacteria that is causing infection out of the body. However it is best to make sure that one makes an effort to pass out all the urine by some effort because the retention of urine with bacteria could help the multiplication of the bacteria leading to more serious conditions and demanding a long term cure. Hence it is best to take as much water as possible to be able to turn the urine less acidic and make it colorless also. If one finds it difficult to drink plain water, coconut water or barley water could also help.



Cranberry juice is the juice that can help people experiencing severe symptoms of UTI. If one finds it difficult to drink a lot of water, cranberry juice can be had in abundance to cure the embarrassing and annoying symptoms of UTI. One could also take the juice of blueberry, which also could give you the same relief as cranberry. A good and welcome change for a person going through the annoying symptoms of UTI would be to make the juices of both these berries and have them alternately in eight ounce glasses. The juic3e of these berries have the advantageous effect of flushing out bacteria completely, especially the ones that adhere and stick to the wall of the urinary bladder. One is sure to get substantial relief in just a week even in severe cases of UTI.  



In addition, those suffering from UTI should abstain from drinking coffee and tea. Caffeine aggravates the UTI symptoms and conditions. Instead it would be ideal to take other juices and water that would help cool the system and give good relief to UTI conditions.  


Never miss on the pleasure of having an aromatic bath to get relief from the annoying pain and burning sensation of UTI. Combine the aromatic oils of tea tree, sandalwood, chamomile, honey and cider vinegar in a small dish and mix it well. Then put this mixture in a tub of warm water. Just sit in it for just 20 minutes and get the relief from the burning sensation and pains of UTI. Sandalwood has anti-bacterial properties, while tea tree has an antiseptic effect and chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect.


These natural, aromatic and herbal remedies are sure to give one relief from the annoying burning and pain symptoms of UTI.   








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