How You Can Cure Nocturia In Old Men

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Tue, Jan 19, 2010  
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Nocturia or visiting the toilet to pass urine very frequently at night is a common troublesome and irritating problem among most men above the age of 70. This problem is caused by the contraction of the urinary bladder in men and the decrease in the capacity to hold urine. However this problem is aggravated in senior men who suffer from diabetes or prostrate gland problem. Since this is a very embarrassing problem steps should be taken to cure or at least reduce the impact of this problem.


Yes, dear men who are above the age of 70 you need not worry much if you suffer from this problem. It is rather quite natural for men to micturate about 2 to 3 times at night. Since your bladder has contracted it has to capacity to hold only less urine. In addition you may not have the capacity at times to pass out all the urine and there may be residues still left. However you should make an effort to pass out all the urine. Diabetics have a tendency to go the toilet more often than ordinary senior men due to the excess of sugar that causes polyuria. Prostrate gland enlargement in men could also be the reason for one visiting the toilet often to pass urine. 


Prostrate gland enlargement problems acts as an obstruction to the passing of urine and in extreme cases it could demand catheterization and surgery. Catheterization could not be a permanent solution. However surgery to cut or scrape the gland may have to be carried on. Open surgery may not be advised for senior men above the age of 70. A trans-urethral surgery can be carried out for scraping the excess of skin in the gland. However it is not a permanent cure and the skin could grow causing an obstruction again. An open surgery is more a sure solution to the problem of enlargement of prostrate gland.


An urologist is the best person most senior men can consult regarding their nocturia problem. They would be in a position to do various tests like uroflowmetry and sonography, which can help you to know the cause and suggest the treatment for your nocturia problem. There are certain medicines too that can help with the condition of nocturia.


To conclude dear senior men do not lose heart as the methods to cure nocturia are close at hand and the urologist can best help you cure and treat nocturia.  


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