How Can You Live A Healthy And Long Life

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Tue, Jan 19, 2010  
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Most people consider living a long life as a blessing and wish their near and dear ones a long life. However I would like to differ on this point by saying that it is good to live a long life it is very necessary to be healthy too. So a good correction to this point would be that we wish our near and dear to have a healthy and long life. Yes, we all can live a happy, healthy and long life if we take care to cultivate good habits in life. 



The first of one of the habit to live a happy and healthy life is to take small healthy meals at regular intervals. The trick lies in substituting the old habit of eating 3 square meals a day by the habit of eating 5 to 6 small meals in a day. Creation of this habit would be beneficial, as it would help to constantly supply essential nutrients to the body. This is ideal as this habit protects you against rapid fluctuations in your sugar level that is harmful for everybody especially diabetics. Besides it helps to avoid over taxation of the digestive and metabolic systems. Also such a diet would help in weight loss too. Hence it reduces the risk of heart diseases and promotes health. 


Make it a compulsory habit to exercise to experience a happy and healthy life. Doing exercise should be made a daily habit and about half of an hour should be allotted to these activities. Swimming, walking, cycling and going to the gym can provide you with enough exercise. If you are not able to allot time for these activities it is better to make other lifestyle changes. So use the staircase to climb where you can avoid the elevator. Besides, you could go walking or cycling to near by places. This would help you get some exercise also and avoid pollution, which could hamper a good, healthy and long life. The more physical activity your body gets it will be able to be healthier. Physical activity and exercise contributes to the flexibility and mobility of the body and promotes energy. 


It is very essential to create the habit to laugh and enjoy humor. A sense of happiness and joy promotes the immunity power of a person and helps him fight against various types of diseases. Increase the endorphins in your body by laughing. Learn to joke and laugh at yourself. Joining laughter and humor clubs helps in this regard. It is also best to know that you use lesser muscles to laugh than frown. . 


Water is the medicine to good health and it is best to drink at least 8 glasses of water to for the body to be effective in performing it’s functions. Water is helpful in flushing out toxins from one's body promoting good health and longevity.  Hydrate your body with water, which can help to keep your skin hydrates too. It is best to drink fresh fruit juices if water is not available, but it is best to avoid aerated drinks and artificially flavored drinks. Water has and will continue to be the nectar for good and a healthy life.


Getting pure water free of bacteria and viruses and other contaminants is very difficult to find in these days. So filtration and purification of water has to be done before consumption. There are various devices available in the market to do this and one has to take the type of water available for consumption before arriving at the right choice. 


Make meditation a part of your daily life. This good habit helps one to unwind easily and enjoy a healthy and long life. Stress the invention of modern times finds its natural cure in meditation techniques involving breathing exercises.  You can detoxify your body of toxins and wastes and acquire a feeling of calmness. Besides it helps to learn the art of self-discipline and helps in emotional growth also. This all makes for a healthy and happy long life.  . 


Create the habit to eat healthy and nutritious food by including fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Eating these fruits and vegetables at regular intervals helps one get a lot of minerals and vitamins and helps one to eat smart to be smart in life. 


So just get ready to get out of your comfort zones and create these habits to be healthy and enjoy a good quality long life. .




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