How To Motivate Yourself To Weight Loss In 2010.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Sat, Jan 9, 2010  
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 Most of us make all plans to lose weight but fail to implement it. However I am sure you can lose weight in 2010 if you motivate yourself to lose weight. Yes, you could aim at weight loss for a social event, for charity, or even with a friend. Motivation for weight loss could help you lose weight in 2010.  However each person may have a different reason why he or she wants to lose weight. However losing weight is good for health and it hardly matters what motivates one to lose weight.


Do you have a family wedding coming along after 2 months? Well, some may enjoy flaunting their figure and dress during that period or they may want to take part in the Wedding dance. The motivation to lose weight for the wedding may motivate them, as they want to look attractive and nice and take part in the social event of the wedding dance.  This motivation would motivate the person for weight loss for the social event and make her do exercise and to practice dancing to be a star attraction at the event.


There are other  motivations for weight loss like weight loss for charity or weight loss for a social cause. Some organizations promote social causes and encourage people enrolling for them. They promise to contribute 50 pence or $1 or shilling or pound for every pound of weight lost. So those who believe in contributing to orphanages or old age homes can easily use this as a motivation to lose weight. Hats Off to those who aim at weight loss for charity or weight loss for a social cause as it has the dual advantage of weight loss and helping such causes. .


Are you one of those who wish to support a good cause like “Saving The Earth From Global Warming” or something like “ Eliminate Child Labor.” We do have runs and cycling events to support such common causes. You could then motivate yourself to weight loss by deciding to take part in that event. This would be a good cause for you to practice for the event and run and contribute to the social and common causes for the Mother Earth planet. In addition you could also motivate your friends to join you and provide them also an opportunity to lose weight by taking part in the event for a social cause. 


Are you found of challenges in life and does this motivate you? Well why not ask your friend to join you for a daily walk, run, or cycling. Also why not both of you challenge each other to losing more weight. This challenge would be the motivation for both of you to do your best. In addition both of you could also help each other to resist the temptation of giving up easily and giving in to temptation.


Are you scared of seeing your huge self in the mirror? You need not feel so, but I just request you to look once and promise yourself to lose weight. Just stick or hang a picture of your favorite model in your room and look at her several times in the day and keep up your motivation to lose weight. Just look at yourself every 10 days in the mirror and praise yourself by self-affirmation to keep up the tempo to lose weight and look like your favorite model. Praising yourself or giving yourself a treat like a facial or hair cut could help you do the trick of losing weight.


Yes, dear friends I am sure you all must have already found out what really motivates you and must have put on your walking or running shoes to set off on the mission to lose weight.




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