How To Get Over Excess Sleep And Be Always Fresh.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Mar 1, 2010  
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How To Get Over Excess Sleep And Be Always Fresh

While some of us suffer from insomnia (sleeplessness), there are others who suffer from the problem of excess sleep. Just like insomnia points to a very chronic disorder and needs to be treated so that the person is productive the same applies to excess of sleep disorders too, especially in the daytime, which is associated with sleep apnea. Every person needs to have seven to eight hours of restful sleep, so they are alert and fresh. Lying in bed late into the morning only aggravates the sleep problem and slows down the metabolism of the body, making one lazy, drowsy and sleepy.

It is very necessary that one sleeps early in the night, and also make a habit to get up early, even if one has no particular reason to, since lingering on in bed could lead to low blood pressure problems among others. Low blood pressure is as bad, if not worse, than high blood pressure. It makes one feel weak and decreases the strength of the muscles. So it is best for one to get up as soon as the alarm rings, open the curtains of ones bedroom to let in fresh air and sunlight.


The fresh air and sunlight is sure to make one feel alert. Then just make yourself a good fresh brewed coffee or tea, wish everyone good morning and set off for your morning walk or exercise. This will help you lose your drowsiness and feel fresh. You are bound to feel pepped up in your mood too. If one starts to do exercises regularly in the morning one would definitely feel cheerful. 


Besides the energetic morning routine that one takes up to avoid excess sleep, one needs to follow a healthy bedtime routine also. Bedtime routine pertains to the mood you are in while sleeping. There is a need to do things that makes you feel calm and happy before going to sleep. A nice and happy time spent with ones family and children before going to bed helps to promote a healthy pre-bedtime routine. Besides that it is best to read motivational literature or spiritual books before retiring to bed. Seeing controversial serials or soap operas or hearing sensational news on the TV before bedtime is a big “NO”.  


Besides if one is bored with life, which induces excess sleep due to lack of an interesting occupation, it is best to cultivate productive and interesting hobbies to build up the cheer of living. One can build up good and fruitful friendships, which could give joy, laughter and make one feel one is into creative pursuits. Yes, one could avoid negative thoughts and substitute it by positive thinking. Once one turns positive in life, one can easily turn more productive and can sleep well at night and get to the next day feeling cheerful and motivated.


There are some others who sleep excessively due to the snoring habit of their partner, or anti allergic drugs, painkillers and anti depressants, and caffeine withdrawal symptoms that may make a person drowsy. The best solution to the problem of your partner snoring lies in asking your partner to sleep on his side and put off the lights of your bedroom promptly at night. Also, make him/her aware that he/she should not consume alcohol for some time before bedtime. It would also be advisable to consult your doctor regarding use of anti allergic drugs, painkillers and anti depressants and ask if you can take them at bedtime only.


To sum up, dear friends, it is best to follow all the points that have been discussed so far to avoid sleeping excessively. Yes, it is best to be cheerful, not feel bored, cultivate interesting hobbies, do exercise, avoid negative thinking and build a healthy bedtime routine to avoid sleeping excessively. 


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