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Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Dec 28, 2009  
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Computer Age has made people prone to various sleep disorders. Most of us work in menmtally demanding jobs and suffer from mental fatigue but find it very difficult to fall asleep. We are of the notion that just taking stimulants like tea or coffee can stimulate us to keep working. However friends believe me, sleep is a very essential part of our every day life and no/less sleep could even decrease our productivity, lower our resistance to various diseases and make us prone to mental disorders also.


Some people working in call centers in night shiftd suppose that just taking some vitamins and a good balanced diet can help them fight the mental fatigue. This is far to the contrary, So dear friends it is best to believe that  sleep is very necessary to make us feel strong and fresh. We all need to get over insomnia or other sleep disorders now to be mentally active again. The amount of hours of sleep each person requires may vary from person to person. Some may just be happy or feel mentally active after just 6 hours of sleep while others may require 6 to 10 hours of sleep.

To find out the amount of sleep a person needs it is best to vary the time by varying the time you set in your alarm clock. In about 10 days you will be able to find out the number of hours of sleep you require. However there could be times when you are still tired. This rest could be compensated on weekends with about half an hour to one hour more sleep. Sometimes a short afternoon nap or relaxing on ones desk could help.

However dear friends do not assume that the quantity of sleep is important and you have insomnia if you do not sleep for long intervals of time. It is best to believe that the quality of ones sleep is equally i9mportant to feel fresh and mentally alert and active. Some of us may be going to bed early and hoping to get the required number of hours of sleep. However, we may just toss and turn in bed and not be able to sleep. So, one should mmake sure one has peaceful and calm thoughts before retiring to bed.

The quality of ones sleep can be improved by avoiding tensed arguments or thoughts before going to bed. Watching a violence or a contraversal movie just before retiring to bed could make you lose important quality sleep and make you lethargic and run down in the morning. Besides, hearing the late night news could disturb some people's thoughts at night and lead to insomnia. Listening to calm music or reading philosophical books just before retiring to bed helps one to get peaceful and enough sleep. Relaxing exercises, meditation, or using aromatic oils of sandalwood, lavender and vetiver can help one have a good quality and quantity sleep.


Hence dear friends it is the time to act now if you suffer from insomnia and hold the reins of good quality and quantity sleep.


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