How to Fight Constant Fatigue?

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Jun 27, 2013  
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Are you feeling tired and zapped of energy? A woman’s life is not easy because of her work at home and outside. Working hard, partying hard, keeping up with the pressure of studies of the kinds along with their extra- curricular activities and last, but not the least the high cost of living. Such fatigues hit your emotion and psychology both. Being overworked and being tired because of that is not uncommon, but being tired all the time is not a good sign. 


Take care of yourself. Check out if you are missing out on your sleep or are you eating unhealthy junk food. Previously I had written about the Tired All the Time Syndrome (TAATT) in one of my blogs, now this is about Competitive Tiredness Syndrome (CTS). For others it may be a medical problem, but for most of us it is nothing, but a lifestyle disorder.


It is normal to feel tired after an illness, pregnancy, marital problems, jet lag, over-exertion, boredom and even depression. However continuous tiredness can turn into a vicious cycle. CTS cause extreme fatigue that lasts for a long time. It is common in women who are above the age group of forty. When you are suffering from CTS, it will make you physically unfit and you may feel tired when you try to engage in physical activity.


The symptoms of CTS are joint pain, head ache, sleep problems, memory problem etc. For women anemia especially during those days of heavy menstrual period is the main cause of fatigue. Sometimes thyroid problems also lead to fatigue. And if you are unable to catch with enough sleep, fatigue is bound to happen. So it is very important to sleep for 7 to 8 hours in the night.


Those who are under medications like pain killers, heart and blood pressure and medications for depression can also make you feel sleepy throughout the day.


Did you know that anxiety wears down the immune system. An imbalance in hormones is another cause for mood disturbances. If you are tired and feeling low in energy all the time practice yoga, avoid junk food and always consume healthy food. Again healthy food does not mean going on a diet. Healthy food means avoiding fatty food and empty calories. With little changes in your lifestyle, I am sure you will be able to fight fatigue and lead a healthy and fit life.


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