How To Exercise During Summer.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Fri, Feb 19, 2010  
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Exercise forms a vital part of leading a healthy life and it is good if one exercises regularly. However it is not advisable to overdo it and come up with various health complications in life. Come summer, it is good to do exercises, but it is best to take care that one is not exhausted and dehydrated doing exercises. Hydration of the body as well as climatic conditions play a great role in the type of exercise one does. Yes, it is very essential to be very careful while exercising in the summer.


Overheating and dehydration are the most common ailments that could occur due to prolonged exercise in summer. This is greatly true of athletes who do exercises and also practice for many events. This is more the case in case of humid hot weather. Synthetic clothing should be strictly avoided and it is good to wear light cotton clothing while exercising. The clothing should preferably be loose fitting also and avoid good circulation of air. In addition it is not good to exercise for long intervals in summer. It would be highly advisable if one divides ones exercise time into parts. If one exercises for 30 minutes in a day it is advisable to divide ones exercise time into 3 times of 10 minutes each.


Additionally it is good to keep one hydrated and cool. One should make sure one drinks water or other liquids like lemon juice, coconut water and fresh cool water at regular intervals. It is necessary to carry on ones exercise schedule indoors. The room should be well cooled by air-conditioning. If air-conditioning is not available it is best to make sure that the room has cross ventilation and a fan to cool the room. However an air conditioner with a fan could help to keep the room real cool since cool air is circulated around the room.


Besides, make sure one does not go out between 9am. and 6pm. It is best to do exercises early in the morning or late in the evening when the atmosphere is cool. One should go for walks only early in the morning or late in the evening, being indoors in a cooled atmosphere otherwise. Having friends join you during exercise times or walks could help motivate all of you. Besides, a friend would also be in a position to help you in case you suffer heat strokes or illness. Having your spouse or friend join you for an after dinner walk would be fine on the cool night. 


One should be careful to observe for signs of excess heat like profuse sweating, fatigue, thirst, muscle cramp, headache, and light -headedness. Besides one could also have other conditions like confusion, irritability, disorientation, hallucinations, difficulty in breathing, dry hot skin or a cold clammy skin, Make sure you or your friend in trouble drinks a lot of water and is moved to the shady and cool place. If conditions do not improve make sure to call for emergency help. However one can avoid this extreme heat affected conditions by avoiding strenuous exercises during the hottest part of the day and aim at exercise during the cool parts of the day. Besides always make sure to cover your head with a cap or hat and wear loose, cotton breathing clothes. In addition make sure to wear sunglasses and use sub screen to protect ones eyes and skin.


Hence dear folks, as you prepare to enjoy the summer season with its juicy fruits and salads, besides those ice-cream and juices make sure to take all precautions to protect and treat excess heat conditions while exercising to gain a good health.


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