How To Deal With Daily Stress Positively

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, Feb 3, 2010  
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Stress is the invention of the modern man. Most people are stressed by the everyday happenings and may react to it in a positive or negative fashion. The working life of the common man with various multi-national companies is filled with not only physical and mental stress but also with what I known a nervous exhaustion. . However, it is purely in our hand to handle stress in a positive way.


The first step that anyone can take to make one calm to deal with any stressful situation is to learn the art of breathing. The rhythm of breathing involves the inhaling and exhaling of breath at regular intervals. Breath control exercises involving the visualization of inhaling and exhaling air as a light coming in during inhaling to heal all tension points in the body and exhaling as letting go of all the tension and anxiety. Holding of breath between inhaling and exhaling may induce stress but after that one feels really calm and peaceful. Alternatively, you could use the time to say your daily prayers for which you may not have found time in your busy schedule.  .


There are other situations which we may experience stress, which may be imaginary also. We sometimes feel neglected if someone does not talk to us for some time. We tend to think that they are purposely neglecting us or want to hurt us. However there are many ways of looking at this situation. It may be that person is very busy and has not found time. Besides we also have a tendency to carry a grievance against people who just joke or make fun of us, In such a case it could be that the person is just joking. If it does hurt us we can tell them that we do not appreciate such a behavior. All these actions will help us to deal with stress positively. 


Now taking a typical situation of having to deal with a difficult customer or a rebuke from ones boss. All of us do experience stress in such situations, which we cannot fling back at a person due to his superiority position. The negative approach here would be to go have a drink, or smoke to overcome the stress. Both smoking and drinking are bad for health, hence it would be best to go exercise on the treadmill or go for a walk and come back calm, cheerful and relaxed. The other method which would work for many would be to pen down all your feelings against the person on a piece of paper and tear it off afterwards before anyone spots it. This is sure to make one relaxed and one would have dealt with stress positively. 


Another typical situation for stress would be having to wait for someone whom you have to meet; your boss, your doctor and so on. The delay caused stresses most of us. If one is able to figure out the time it would take for such a meeting one can easily go take a walk or go attend something else that requires your attention and can be done in that time. It could be as simple as shopping for vegetables, groceries or probably just settle down to read a book.


Yes, most important of all we all could feel less stressed if we periodically plan holidays with our family. This should be quality time that one spends with them. However make sure you do not take your laptop or office cell with you. The holiday need not be exotic and can just be in a beautiful scenic place close by. You and your family can enjoy the weather and the scenery and understand and help one another.  This relaxation would sure improve ones perception of life and one is sure to understand the value of such outings at regular intervals.


To conclude, don’t you find handling stress positively easy enough? Just think you are going to be positive and one is sure to be able to live a calm, cheerful and happy life in spite of stress.


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