How To Build Up Positive Thoughts And Turn Energetic In 2010.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Jan 11, 2010  
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All of us go through the ups and downs of life. However most of us look at the negative deals we get in life and think we are useless or unlucky to get such a deal in life. But, believe me unless we face the good and bad in life, we would never be able to appreciate the good things we get in life. It is just like one would never recognize a plain unless there were mountains in the universe. However dear friends all of us have the capacity to think positive and turn all our negatives thoughts to something more productive in life. This could help us to be energetic when we think positive.


We all go through the positives and negatives in life. When we fail in something and are disappointed we tend to think negative like we are a perfect failure in life or we are no good. But it is better to beware of extremes of thought like good or bad. In addition it is not good to harbor negative thoughts and emotions like fear, anger, revenge or jealousy.  These emotions only sap off all our energy and make us feel tired and lethargic, instead it would be best to turn these negative thoughts into something productive. One would feel good and energetic by thinking positive and diverting one’s attention to improve oneself and get success in life. If one puts ones efforts into working hard with positive thoughts to attain ones goal one can be successful and happy.   



Some of us tend to think negative and get upset by the negative comments of others. This makes us feel we are no good and the person who criticized us is disgraced by us or hate us. However it is best to view criticism as something positive. It is quite possible that the person has something good to day about us. It could be that we are more methodical, a caring person or maybe good in sports and so on. In addition when some people do not talk to us we tend to think that they wish to avoid us or think ill of us. However it is better to substitute our negative thoughts to something more positive like maybe he is busy and accidentally missed you. Beware of extremes of thought like good or bad and think positively so that you feel energetic and confident of yourself.


Affirming ourselves of positive thoughts helps us think positive and helps us feel energetic also. Positive affirmations like, “ I have worked hard to get into a good college” for a student, “I have done my duty as a good wife and mother” for a housewife, “I have been good in my projects and will get a promotion” for a software professionals could help to energize them. Besides visualizing positive thoughts makes good things happen to you as you already become motivated to achieve it.


Thanking God or appreciating the positive things happening to us is a true acknowledgement for positive things to happen to us. I have noted that the more we acknowledge positive things happening to us we are blessed with more positive things that makes us feel energetic.


Most of us may agree that positive thinking will help us to be energetic. However we may have hurdles in doing so and may be able to do so with the professional help of a therapist or psychologist. Cognitive therapy is such a therapy that helps us to clear distortions in our mental thinking and helps us to think positive in life. In addition laughter, humor and a cheerful attitude could help in the attainment of positive thinking in life. Hence it is purely in our hands to make ourselves positive in life and feel energetic too. 


All the best dear friends to build up positive thoughts and turn energetic in 2010.


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