How A Woman Can Help Her Man Overcome Erectile Dysfunction.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Jan 11, 2010  
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Erectile dysfunction is a common complaint among many men today. It is the inability of a man to achieve and hold long enough in a sexual intercourse. Most men experience it in some time of their life but it has become more common due to stress of everyday living, which also leads people sometimes into depression. However a woman can help by her love and patience help her man to get over erectile dysfunction. It is advisable that one does not suspect foul behavior of ones man.



It is wrong for a woman to suppose her man is neglecting her purposely. It is best to not personalize it as it could lead to further sexual problems between them. It is best for a woman to be very supportive. Being emotional could help erectile dysfunction. Just playing an emotional game and suggesting to ones man to seek professional help for this physical problem would be helpful. Be careful to not include it in your bedroom talk and be supportive taking care to not point out sexual dysfunction as a sexual defect. Beware of the way you express and communicate it, as most men dislike their woman to point out their sexual weakness.




Having told one’s man to seek professional help, the woman should be diplomatic to allow her man to choose if he wants her to get involved in his treatment. The suggestion should also have been made in a friendly and warm way with love an concern for the mutual solving of the problem. A woman can make her feel wanted even when he is treating the problem of erectile dysfunction by being very loving and patient with him. Making loving and intimate gestures like kisses, hugs or just taking his hand in yours in intimate moments would help. These gestures would make your man feel wanted and your love and patient would really help. 



However do not consider erectile dysfunction as a curse. A woman could consider this as a blessing in disguise by experimenting on other ways to be intimate. Every couple would be able to find so many other ways to be intimate and sexually exciting. In addition it pays for a woman to take the first step in sex affecting a role reversal once in a while to get over the problem of erectile dysfunction.  A woman should never feel neglected if her man says “No”. It is best to keep the emotional act and communication open and continuing to help your man overcome his problem of erectile dysfunction.



Dear friends, do not consider erectile dysfunction as a curse cast on a couple to fulfill ones sexual needs. Love and patience would definitely help your man to get over erectile dysfunction. Hence dear women do be understanding and emotionally communicative to help your man get over erectile dysfunction. 

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