How To Avoid Excuses And Be Healthy And Positive In Life

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, Mar 17, 2010  
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Most people wish to lead a healthy and positive life, but face many hurdles all the way. So they suppose success cannot be achieved easily and take to making excuses, as a means of satisfying themselves that things are impossible and to give people an impression that it is a farce that all can attain success in life and feel healthy and positive. Yes, dear friends life is a journey of mountains, valleys and straight flat roads and each one of us have to figure out how we avoid making excuses and emerge out successful, positive and healthy in life.



The journey to a thousand miles starts with the first step. Many of us find it very difficult to take the first step due to lack of inspiration from our environment. However, it is good to note that all leaders; political, industrial and academical never waited for inspiration from the environment they lived in. It all depends on our own self to feel motivated to take the first step. Yes we have to motivate ourselves to face the hurdles. I suggest dear friends do not procrastinate making excuses but catch the bull by its horn and tackle it.



Most people have a feeling that it is just bookish knowledge, but I assure you that it is real if you believe me.  Just push aside negative feelings and thoughts, think positive and you will be sure to make positive progress and feel happy in life. Yes dear friends autosuggestions and self-affirmations can really help. Autosuggestions, help you to  believe in yourself  by suggesting action and nullifying excuses. Self-affirmations or affirming yourself of victory or success helps to remove the crux of making excuses. The language and tone should be one of victory not failure; just observe the difference in your attitude and emotions when you say,  “Something will turn out” and "Something should turn out"; the latter being a positive approach.



Yes, dear friends, it is not just enough to give yourself  self-affirmations and autosuggestions. Positive people and positive influence help a person to feel positive and optimistic. It is good to keep contact with successful people and learn from their example. You would easily see that they never made excuses, but decided to take action. Probably it would be good to make such people your role model and follow their example. In addition build up a group of positive peer, who think positive of themselves and others too. 



True one should avoid negative influences in life, who are just suckers of energy and happiness. Some of them who may influence you to make excuses may be those good for nothing people who may be themselves failures in life and want to pull others down too because they are jealous or it is the ‘if  they cannot do it no one can do it attitude’. Do avoid them and you will be sure to avoid the habit of making excuses and avoiding procrastination in life.



Yes, my dear friends, avoid procrastination in your life, by reflecting and contemplating on the things in hand that require action. Push aside the demon of negative thinking, avoid the leech of negative influences and negative people and just spring up and take action. Write a positive planner with a positive mind and attitude and just take action. You will be welcome to join the gang of people who are positive and healthy in life.



To conclude, do avoid excuses to take action, be positive and healthy in life by avoiding procrastination and excuses.  Let positive and successful people be your role models and your inspiration to face hurdles and negative influences in the form of good for nothing or jealous people. This action would sure serve to make you positive and healthy in life and probably to be a role model for others who want to be successful people.    


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