How Can Confidence Building Help In Lead A Happy And Fulfilled Life.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Tue, Mar 16, 2010  
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Self-confidence or confidence in ones abilities is an important part of the personality of an individual and determines the height to which an individual can go up in life. Believe me, building confidence in self, is vital if you want to get a good job, get good education, have a happy marriage or wish to get success in any area of your life. Some are born self-confident, while others need to build it. There have been many who were not born confident, but cultivated it and are happy and fulfilled in life. So dear friends you can build confidence in your self and emerge out successful in life.


The first step towards building self confidence or confidence in self to achieve anything starts with the first step of creating an image or visualizing what you want to achieve in life. Next do visualize how you wish to succeed in your mission to achieve success. Think and visualize that you have all the skills and capabilities to achieve the goal. Just fix the picture of what you want to achieve top most in your mind and believe in yourself that you will achieve the target.


Once this is done, it is best to understand that persistence is the aspect needed to achieve ones target or goal in life. You may have failures and disappointments, but believe in your self and remain targeted. There may be people, who may be failures themselves or may believe in pulling people down for satisfaction of their own ego or pride and may not want people to succeed like them. Yes, persistent and regular thinking of success and believing in it at all times makes success a reality. Persistence makes demand of your confidence and makes one succeed helping to instill more confidence.


Achievement tends to instill or build more confidence in a person. Yes, once you have been able to succeed you tend to be more confident. However to turn successful and confident it is important that allot time to write down clearly on paper what is your purpose in life, what do you want to achieve; yes writing gives us an impression it is important and thinking and writing makes the brain also aware that you desperately want it. Building up confidence can also be your purpose as a whole. You do build up self-confidence and also are able to lead a happy and fulfilling life that you always wanted.


One more of the important steps to building confidence is to rid ones mind of negative influences in the form of negative thinking, tackle disappointments, negative people and learning to have faith in ones own self. Yes, negative people who gain happiness in pulling other people down, people who are themselves failures and do not wish to see others successful people having negative emotions like tb cynicism, jealousy, hatred and selfishness should be kept away from and do not allow these people to pull you down.


In addition, never allow disappointments to pull down your spirits. Just believe that it was not for you and that the world is always full of more opportunities. Tackle disappointment and find an opportunity in each failure. A friend of mine did not get a chance to go abroad to do studies. However he got admission to do his doctorate in a reputed institute inside the country. This friend did not allow the disappointment to weigh him down and was confident when facing the interview for admission to a doctorate in the country.


To conclude, if you have not worn the confidence shoes till now, it is time you went and made efforts to get one. Just follow this great prescription to build your self-confidence and feel happy, healthy and fulfilled in life.  


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