How Stressful Relationships Can Affect One's Immunity System

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, Dec 30, 2009  
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Yes, this is perfectly true. We all tend to think that just looking after our physical self by taking a proper diet and doing exercises could make us have a great immunity system. However dear friends what I am about to tell you would really surprise you. It is very vital that we have and maintain good relationship with out partner, family and friends. Strained relationships also affect our health and are the main cause of decrease in our immunity system.

Strained relationships especially apply for intimate relationships between a husband and wife and between parents and children. It is not at all worth it to have such strained relationships in such intimate and close relationships. Strained relationships here apply to partners who abuse and swear or are constantly belittling each other. A strained relationship could also apply to one partner who constantly abuses the other and the other is in a state of constant tension and stress, wondering what to do. Insecurity and stress could lead to the decrease in ones immunity power to resist diseases.

Besides we would also find that stress and tension in many cases of prolonged strained relationships leads to manifestation of various physical diseases that have their root in the mind. Cases of strained relationship is also found in case of a child-parent relationship where the parents expect too much of the child and constantly demean him/her. This can be seen even when children expect too mush of a parent/parents and the parent is constantly under stress. A loss of self-esteem and confidence could lead to this condition.

Strained relationships could also lead to something that is known as attachment insecurity. Here a person finds it very difficult to place full faith and trust on a relationship. This is one of the worst things that could happen to a person in an emotionally close relationship. This is mainly seen in the case of one partner constantly demeaning the other and considering him/her to be much inferior to them or even suggesting separation. A child who goes through divorce between parents and wonders what to do faces the same plight of separation anxiety. So the person becomes prone to various health complaints, which can be cured very easily when there is no stress or strained relationship. 

However dear friends, one who is in a strained relationship can expect less harm of affect to his immunity system by opting how he is going to handle it. There are people who handle it well too to suffer minimum damages. Basically how one handles strained relationships and stress is ones own personality trait. In addition, we can also help a person in a strained relationship who is under constant stress by helping him/her to find methods by which he can get over the stress of that relationship and find methods by which he can relax and regain his immunity power.

Hence dear friends it is better to improve or eliminate strained relationships and lead a strong and healthy life by building up a good immunity system.


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