How Contact Lens Can Help Deliver Medicines. .

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Mon, Jan 25, 2010  
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Most of us are faced with the task of putting eye drops regularly in our eyes after an infection, surgery or for mere hydration of our eyes. In such cases we are faced with the tasks to deliver medicines regularly, monitor the dosage of eye drops, besides convenience. Also we would like to be self-sufficient in this task and minimize the trouble we give others to put these eye drops.


Well, the solution is just going to be made by certain US based contact lens companies. These companies aim at providing for the delivery of drops regularly besides monitoring the dosage of eye drops. This lens would help one to be self-sufficient in delivering one’s medications besides convenience of putting eye drops. Yes, one need not take out ones contact lens to deliver the eye drops.


Patients who have glaucoma, requiring regular delivery of medicines in the eyes at regular intervals would greatly benefit from this lens. This lens will also help patients of cataract to put drops regularly in their eyes after surgery. One could be self-sufficient and would not require the help of others to regularly remember and put eye drops. This lens would be designed to have a polymer film, which would be on the interior of the hydro gel lens and would help to gradually release drops at timely intervals. One could easily monitor the amount of medicine to be delivered and the time by changing the property of the lens and polymer film, that helps to gradually release the medicine. Presently there would be lens that could deliver medicines for a period of 30 days and lens that could work for medicine delivery for 100 days are soon to be introduced. 


This type of lens eliminates the task of taking out ones contact lens to deliver medicine at regular intervals. This type of contact lens would firstly help to deliver medicines at regular intervals as prescribed by the doctor. There is no need to keep account of the time they should be delivered. Besides one could be self-sufficient and would not need the help of anyone to put the medicine drops. In addition it is very convenient and saves time and effort in putting in the medication. Last but not the least since it is a mechanized process one can be sure of being delivered the right amount of medicine.


To conclude dear folks experience the convenience and scientific way of putting medicine in your eyes regularly and benefit from the time and effort saved.


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