Homoeopathic treatment for old person's weakness

Posted by arun kumar burnwal on Sun, Aug 5, 2012  
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Weakness in a old person is a common phenomena in our life. Nobody bother about it, because it is supposed natural. Recently a lady came in my chamber and wanted advice for her old father's weakness: who was too weak to stand and walk even after good fooding and medicines. And lastly doctors came into a conclusion that nothing can be done because this weakness is a old age problems.

I advised her for proper symptomatic homoeopathic treatment for her father's weakness. She did so and got full satisfaction of my homoeopathic treatment.

 Now I want to disclose how homoeopathic treatment can improve the weakness of the old persons.
Following are the condition of the weakness of old person with selected medicines:-

1. Weakness of old while standing -- Medicine is Curare.

2. Sudden weakness in old -- Conium maculatum , and Selenium.

3. Weakness after urination -- Phosphorus.

4. Weakness from hunger -- Sulphur.

5. Weakness with vertigo -- Ambra grisea and Baryta carb.

6. Sleepiness during eating from weakness --  Phosphorus.

7. Progessive weakness --  Phosphorus.

8. Weakness with constipation -- Nux, mos.

9. Weakness with sleeplessness --  Baryta carb.

10. Weakness due to emaciation -- Ambra grisea, Baryta carb, Secale cor, Selenium.

11. Weakness in dysentery --  Phosphorus.

12. Weakness in sitting -- Aurum met.

13. Weakness with anaemia --  Phosphorus.

14. Weakness with nausea -- Alumina.

15. Weakness during walking -- Baryta carb, Conium maculatum , Phosphorus.

16. Weakness from slight exertion -- Conium maculatum , Nux mos , Phosphorus, Selenium.

For proper power selection please consult good Homoeopathic Doctor.

For other problems and treatment for old person ,please go through http://www.medwonders.com/medblogs/general/how-you-treat-35-old-age-problems-2132.htm


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