Homoeopathic Medicine & Drug Addiction

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‘ Drug addiction’means a recurring harmful compulsion to drugs,alcohol etc by an individual.


The National Institute of Drug Abuse(NIDA) offers a chart of commonly abused drugs.

They are:

  1. Stimulants:Cocaine,Ritalin,Alcohol,Nicotine.
  2. Methamphetamine:Ecstasy.
  3. Opioids:Heroin,Brown sugar,Morphine,Vicodin and Oxycontin(pain killers).
  4. Depressants(Benzodiazepine):Valium and xanax(Tranquilizers).
  5. Cannabinoids:Marijuana and Hashish.
  6. Hallucinogens and LSD and PCP.
  7. Psilocybin:Magic Mushroom
  8. Inhalants:Aerosols,Nitrous oxide,Nitrites(poppers)
  9. Drugs for increasing muscle mass:Anabolic steroids.




             Drugs stimulate the pleasure centre of the brain and makes a sense of pleasure.  The users of drugs wants that sense of pleasure again and again.But continued use of the drugs causes some difficult problems like rapid breathing ,irritability , impulsiveness,aggression,nervousness,insomnia,weightloss,heart failure,weakness of memory,difficult concentration etc.


Causes of Drug Addiction


    1.Depression,post-traumatic stress disorder,loneliness,anxiety  and some other psychological problems make some people dependent on drugs.


    2.A lack of attachment with parents may increase the risk of addiction among young people and children.


    3.Social environment is a strong factor in starting the use of drugs and thereafter abuse drugs.


    4.Genetics play a significant role in drug addiction.In some family drug addiction is a common problem.It may be the effect of genes.


     5.Some people may be dependent on drugs easily  living,working,playing or reading in an environment in which  the use of alcohol and other drugs is common.


     6.Abuse or neglect of children,conflict in family & other traumatic childhood experiences can be a cause of addiction.






( seeing or hearing that are not there),lack of coordination and difficulty in concentration etc.


         Financial:Paying bills late,collection agencies calling,inability to keep track of money etc.


          Legal issue:Beeing arrested,stealing to purchase drugs etc.


          Employment:Missing work,going to work in late due to drug use etc.


          Family and friends:Feeling annoyed when other people comment or criticize the use of drug.


         Social life: Using drugs when alone.Scheduling the day around the using drugs.




  1. Health: Sharing needles,unprotected sexual activities etc. increase the chances of contracting HIV or Hepatitis B. Delirium,seizures,coma,heart attack,respiratory failure,kidney failure,unconcousness,sudden death etc also may be caused by the abuse of drugs.


  1. Family:Behavioural changes may cause marital or family strife.


  1. Work:Wok performance and academic performance may be destroyed .


  1. Social:Friends may be lost.


  1. Legal:Drug addiction can cause two legal problems—(a)Stealing to support drug addiction and(b)driving while intoxicated.


  1. Financial:Drugs put one in debt.



The addicted persons should have the “strong will” to quit the drugs.Otherwise the addicted person will not be able to escape from the addiction.Medication should include psychotherapeutic help.Homoeopaths should try to save the patient from side-effects of allopathic medicines.He should treat the patient symptomatic way along with Psychiatric help in the form of counseling.


NuxVomica,Acid Sulph,Cannabis indica,Opium,Conium,Alumina,Lachesis,Hyoscyamus, Belladonna,Stramonium,Strophanthus,Quercus ,Angelica,Syphilinum,Camphora,Arsenic Album,Avena Sat etc.


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