Helicopter Parenting

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Jul 18, 2013  
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There is a difference between being a hyper parent and a helicopter parent. In one of my previous blogs I have written about ‘Hyper Parenting’.  Hyper parenting is different from helicopter parenting.  When we talk about bringing up a child, caring, nurturing and protecting them are thoughts that come to our mind. With families becoming smaller and kids the focus of their attention, parents try to protect and shield their children from all difficulties. They don’t realize that they will not be with them all the time to cross all their hurdles. They have to ultimately tread their own paths.


The word helicopter parenting came into existence in the 90s for parents who are always hanging around kids. The basic intention of the parents is also not wrong. Like a typical helicopter they swoop down directly at the scene of action.


My advice would be to provide them with opportunities to excel and let them pick up these opportunities to carve their own path. If your child is fond of tennis or music find a good person who can teach him. At the end of the day your kid’s success depends on his ability to pick up any specific art or game. You should definitely be there to guide him, but do not pressurize him. Guide them, but don’t be pushy because he might start disliking music. Don’t go on advising, nagging and pushing. Either he will grow up into a stubborn child or an unsure, under confident and timid youth who will not develop a drive of his own to do anything in life. Don’t bubble wrap your child. Let the child be self-motivated. If the child is self motivated, then only he will do things to the optimum otherwise not.


Develop good life skills. Sit with them and talk. But remember he has to fight his own battle; we cannot be there for them all the time. Make them independent thinkers who can handle the ups and downs of life. Be there for them, but do not shield them from every hurdle of life that he has to cross. Be the wind beneath their wings and allow them to fly as high as they wish to!



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