Best Weight Loss Foods from Indian Kitchen

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One of the best weight loss foods from the Indian kitchen is the radish. Half a cup of cooked radish contains approximately 3 grams of fiber and helps you stay full and satisfied.


Considered as a starchy vegetable, radish is recommended to be eaten in the place of bread, rice or other starchy foods. 


Crunchy radish salad-


1 medium sized radish 


1 chopped cucumber and 


1 tomato


Chop or scrap the radish and add finely diced cucumber and diced tomato. Serve with or without curd. If you are not using curd you an use lime juice and add salt to taste.





Turmeric wins the day when we talk about spices in Indian kitchen. Turmeric aids digestion and also weight loss. Curcumin, a phenol found in turmeric helps burn fatty tissue and keep it at a minimum. Adding turmeric  daily will help weight loss.


This weight loss spice when used to the optimum is highly effective in healing gastric inflammation and ulcers. 




A study says that overweight people who sprinkled garlic flakes in their food lost an average of 30 pounds in six months. This much loved Indian spice is used widely in Indian curries and soups.


Allicin in garlic  fights against high cholesterol, high insulin and high blood sugar levels. Also, garlic controls appetite - the perfect food for healthy weight loss.


Garlic prevent various cancers, respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Garlic also helps fight several infections.




Lentils is the easy and fast snack to prepare in the kitchen, besides being the most popular item in Indian kitchens. These dhals can help in weight loss, reduce your chances of a heart attack & stabilize sugar levels.


Lentils are a thorough belly flatener. The protein and soluble fiber, two nutrients found in lentils, stabilize blood sugar levels. Eating lentils controls insulin and reduce the abdominal fat.


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