Healthy Carrots!

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Crunchy sweet carrots are an integral part of vegan diet. Carrots belong to the Umbelliferous or Apeaceae family. Other members of the family are parsnip, dill, , cumin, parsley, etc.


Carrots are believed to have been cultivated for the first time in Afghanistan some 5000 years ago. They had yellow flesh with purple extensions.


The commonly prevalent bright orange variety of carrots was later on developed by Dutch.  


Amazing skin benefits of carrots:


The skin benefits of carrots are attributed to the presence of large quantities of antioxidants and vitamin A. They keep skin problems at bay and make the skin glowing.  


Glowing Skin:


Eating carrots can make the skin radiant as they are packed with antioxidants and vitamin A and C.


Besides consuming them, you can also add a spoon of honey to grated carrots and use as a face mask. Leave it for few minutes and wash off with water. Believe me your face will become radiant and shiny.


Remove Blemishes/Scars:


Drink carrot juice to eliminate scars and blemishes. Applying carrot pulp directly on skin can also help you get rid of scars and marks.


Anti-ageing Benefits:


The vitamin C found in carrots help in collagen production. The collagen produced delays the process of aging. The signs of aging such as pigmentation, wrinkles and appearance of uneven skin tone are delayed by eating carrots regualrly.


Sun Protection:


Carrots contain a skin-friendly nutrient-beta carotene that helps in repairing skin wear and tear caused by the harmful rays of the sun.


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