Four Steps To Overcome Stress

Posted by Reetika_Jain on Tue, Jul 13, 2021  
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We humans have this tendency of believing that the world around us, the situations we are in, our possessions, our relationships will remain more or less permanent. These things or our social environment will not change without our permission. While our mood, our way of thinking, these are temporary. They get affected by every next stimulus we encounter or whatever that is happening around us and we don’t have much control over it.

It is the biggest mistake we make, this mental conditioning needs to be REVERSED

Actually we don’t have much control over the world /things around us while our  mind can be gradually trained to work and feel according to our will. Although it is not very simple but this can be done by following and practicing the below mentioned four steps regularly.

1. Firstly one needs to be careful to identify stressors, things which make us feel bad and also the events which make us happy.

2. Try to avoid the situations which earlier gave us bad mood but if it is impossible and we have to face it, then remember even the awareness that a certain situation is a potential stressor, it is going to give us some immunity over the bad impact it can create.

3. Whenever it is felt that the situation is having a negative influence on us, be alert and remind yourself. You are the in charge of the faculties of your brain.

4. Still if you realize that you are feeling depressed and sad, don’t worry just consciously engage yourself in the activities which make you happy and calm (as identified in first step).

If one masters these FOUR steps we can easily eliminate most of the sadness we experience on day to day basis.



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