Five Tips for Sexual Health

Posted by Krishna Bora on Fri, Jan 3, 2014  
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Gone are those days when you got your sex and birth control tips from some aunt with five kids, or a cousin who is expecting a baby, talking and discussing about sex and sexual health has become much more open these days. The major reason is that everyone is concerned about this part of their health, just like every other part of the body. Here are some tips that could help you to learn and care more about your sexual health:

1. Birth Control: Whether you want to go for the pill or not, it is completely personal decision. A birth control pill is a way to freedom and security to a woman in many ways. But some women face negative side effects due to the hormonal chemicals in them. But by opting for proactive ways to prevent pregnancy, like going for IUDs (copper T), there are many chances to reduce the risks and side-effects.

2. What Pills Can and Can’t Do: Birth control pills can save your life from an unwanted pregnancy, but cannot act as a threshold to many other dangerous things like the STDs, to name one: AIDS. But you need not worry when you are using a condom during your sexual intercourse, as they work as a threshold to all the STDs.

3. Remember to Go to a Doc: Remember to get a pap smear and test regularly, in order to keep a track of your sexual health and good state of your reproductive organs. This is very important to prevent problems later on in your life, and to not face any complications during pregnancy.

4. Get HPV Vaccine: People in raw and vegan food diet are not much open about vaccinations. But by staying away from all the vaccines completely could cost you your life too. Getting an HPV vaccine would take the risks away of you getting the disease.

5. Know Your Body: You might have heard this about million times, but you need to explore your body and know what you like and what to avoid. A good sexual health and body is result of knowing your body better. Keep a track of your health checkups and tests to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

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