Five Effective Tips to Promote Mental Health

Posted by Sudha Subramanian on Sun, Oct 7, 2012  
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October 10 is  World Mental Health Day. Let’s explore what is mental health and how to maintain our positive mental health.

Contrary to the common belief, mental health is more than being free of mental disorders. It is all about an optimal level of thinking and our social relationship. The cognitive and emotional well being such as how we think, feel, behave is referred as mental health. Mentally healthy people can relate to others as they have a better relationship. Positive mental health is essential to lead happy, healthy life as mental health can intrude our daily life along with affecting our overall well-being.

It is a common myth that people suffering from mental disorders are violent. However, There are various types of mental illness having unique symptoms, causes and treatments. Some of the most common mental illnesses include depression, anxiety and behavioral disorders.

There is no single cause for mental health problems . Mental illness can be a result of different causes such as genetic, psychological and environmental factors. People come from all walk of life have the potential of suffering from mental illness irrespective of their age, gender, social status or ethnic group they belong.

Having positive mental health has a significant impact on daily life.  However, it is not an extraordinary feat. Being acquainted with the basic needs of your body is a great way to ensure healthy living. Here are five effective strategies to promote positive mental health.

Staying healthy is the key for overall well-being. Healthy lifestyle is the only means to achieve this.

Eat Healthy:

Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in physical as well as mental health. Studies report that low levels of folic acid and selenium are the root cause for long bouts of depression and other mental illness. Healthy diet  including more green veggies and fresh fruits along with protein sources help to promote emotional well being.

Emotional binges or comfort eating is the main problem for people having mental illness as they use food for comfort their depression rather than fulfilling their hunger. Consequently, overeating has become regular and uncontrollable for them.

Get rid of Bad Habits:

Stay away from bad habits like smoking, drinking excessive caffeine, excess intake of alcohol will give positive results on your mental health.

De- Stress

Stress is the main contributor to invasive mental illness such as depression. Meditation, relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises will tremendously reduce bouts of depression. Undue stress can be eliminated by keeping a positive frame of mind.

Set Realistic Goals:

Constantly striving to accomplish a goal is a great way to boost your general level of content and mental health. Continually aiming to accomplish a goal and celebrating the successes can make you more self confident.


Although, you need not train your body for a bodybuilding contest, regular exercise will beyond just making you healthier, make your outlook on life more cheerful.  Allot time to have fun. This will reduce stress and revitalize your life.

Be positive and poised. Positive thinking and self confidence will keep mental illness at bay.


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